Monday, July 15, 2013

Coming from Behind, Attempt 1 of 3

Because of the black marble I drew the other day, I am not allowed to have an option to an orgasm (meaning, I can't draw any marbles) until one of two things has happened: I come while being taken anally, or I get taken anally three times and fail to reach orgasm. The first attempt was last night.

When Miss V went to work, she told me to cleanse my body for her, which I did. She came home and everything was all right, playing games with the family and other regular things until she announced that she was going to bed early.

I followed her and she laughed when she saw me enter the room. She knew what I was after.

"Did you do as you were told?" she asked. She had asked me to do some other things around the house in addition to cleansing myself.

"Really?" she said, in apparent surprise when I said that I had done as I had been told. "What a good boy!"

"Where is my thing?" she asked, in reference to our strap-on kit. She calls it her thing, as opposed to my penis, which is my thing. I pointed to it, it was ready. "Ah, there it is."

She was wearing a longish black blouse and long black trousers. She removed her trousers and her panties, but left her blouse on, as she adjusted the straps around her hips and waist. I wish I could have taken a picture of her, but I doubt she would have allowed it (probably a good idea, because today I caught my mother, who is visiting for a few days, going over the images in my camera, and I don't know what might have happened)

She turned around, leaning a bit towards me to that her blouse covered the dildo.

"How do I look?" She asked teasingly.

"You are a vision of perfection,"I answered. Yes, a little tacky, I know...

Then she straightened up, lifting her shoulders, so that her 'erection' could pop from underneath her blouse.

"Get over here," she said. I love it how she becomes commanding as soon as she wears the strap-on.

I went there and she pushed me over the bed, and proceeded to penetrate me from behind. It was a little hard to get in and she joked that her thing needed more excitement, so I pulled my hand backwards and grabbed her imaginary balls, rubbing her labia a bit in the process.

"Like this?" I asked.

She said that it was actually nice, but didn't let me do it again, pushing me down instead.

The only topping from the bottom I did all night was telling her that perhaps she needed to spread my cheeks wide to gain better entry.

She fucked me for a long time, and twice I was about to come, but it somehow dissipated.

"Time's up,"she said after a while, pulling out and dropping her thing to the floor  before I had a chance to react.

Then she pulled me towards her, and we made love with me on top until she had an orgasm.

"That's it", she said. "Your job here is done."

And like that, she went to sleep, leaving me in the throes of unfulfilled desire, just Like I wanted.

Or I thought I wanted...

Friday, July 12, 2013

The BLACK Marble... Uh, oh...

Today, for the first time, Miss V drew the BLACK MARBLE out of the container. In case you don't know what that implies, the BLACK MARBLE means that I will get denied in a special way. I have come up with a series of cards indicating several ways in which I would like Miss V to deny me, and the idea was that whenever this marble came up, she would pick her preferred card and made me "suffer"it. Well, today was that day.

I gave the cards to Miss V and she asked me if she was supposed to pick at random. I explained (again) that she can read them and pick her favorite, but after reading through them all, she told me that she wanted to pick one at random, but that she didn't want any that required her to do work. I thought that was a very adequate position for her, and told her that there is nothing she HAS to do. If she doesn't like the card, she can change it for another, modify the activity or simply do nothing. She decided to pull a card at random and began to shuffle them as my erection raged on and my heart raced. These cards have some fantasies of mine that we have never tried, so I was not sure what her reaction was going to be.

She pulled the first card. It was a denial card. I would be required to write a letter to Miss V every day, for the next 7 days, begging for her to deny me and giving her a reason why she should do so. The reasons needed to vary each day. Of course, in her generosity, Miss V. would honor my humble petitions.

"Meh,"she said placing the card back in the bottom of the deck (I have a total of 12 cards). "I don't really like this one"

She proceeded to draw a second card. On this one, I will be submitted to some anal training, with the goal of making me have an anal orgasm (I've never have one). She will give me the opportunity to "buy" a number of tries at anal action at the price on one GREEN MARBLE each, to see if I manage to reach an orgasm. If I don't, I get denied until the next try. Of course, during this training program, she still gets to have as many orgasms as she wants.

"Do you want to do this?" she asked, showing me the card. I said yes and she asked me a couple questions to clarify the intent. We agreed that each try would be on separate days, and that she would do it until she gets tired, if I have not come by then, it is a failure. She also wanted to make the number of tries random, and actually asked me for a die to roll. I gave her one and the roll came to be 3.

This means that the next three times we engage in sex, I will not get to come, unless I do it as the receiver of anal sex. If I don't manage to come while she is doing me, she is free to have me do anything to get her off, but I will remain denied. Since the card did not specify that that attempts would be on consecutive days, and I don;t think that would be a fair expectation, I don't really know how many days of denial I just added to my chain. For now, Miss V told me that she is very tired (I knew that, so I was surprised that she even drew a marble) and that all she wanted was to sleep in tomorrow, so she asked me not to bother her in the morning. She said that she will tell me when my first "chance" will be.

Interestingly, when the BLACK MARBLE came out, Miss V asked me what were the odds of that particular marble coming out, since there is only one, and I calculated it at 5.8% (1 out of 17). This means I got very lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) to get this marble today. Of course, the idea of the BLACK MARBLE is to be a constant high-stakes, but low-probability risk.

On this case, it earned me three sessions of anal sex, with the added complication that If I don't come like a girl, I don't get to come at all. Do I think at I will reach an orgasm? Sincerely, no. However, I've been denied for 10 days already, which may come into play, especially if she orders me to come while she does my ass.

I'd be interested in hearing your opinion on this.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

VERY happy in 5 minutes.

"Wake up!" said Miss V. in an urgent tone this morning. "If I can't sleep, you can't sleep".

I woke up as instructed and was about to ask what she wanted me to do when she suddenly ordered to take my pants off. 

"You have 5 minutes to make me happy," she said. "VERY happy."

She leaned over me as I pumped my penis to make it hard enough for penetration. "That's right,"she said then. "Wake it up... Faster!"

At that moment, it suddenly came to life, springing to attention. Not a fully fledged super hard, mind you, but the change was notieable to the naked eye.

"Wow, that WAS fast!" She said, grabbing it and priming it a little more. "Good boy!"

She turned her back towards me and offered me her beautiful round bottom, which I proceeded to take. She grabbed my right hand and crossed it over to her crotch and my left, which was under her, to her right nipple. She also pointed to her neck, a sign that means that she wants me to bite her.

Normally, she prefers one type of stimulus at a time, but she was a woman in a schedule.

She had one orgasm and pulled away from the hand that was playing with her nipple. I think the nipples became too sensitive after her orgasm and it stopped being pleasurable. By then, I was close to my own orgasm, but doing three things (now two) at the same time helped to keep it at bay.

After her orgasm, she turned face down and I pulled me to climb over her. This is a favorite position of mine, and she uses it to good effect, expecialy when she is tired, or ready for me to finish off. I accelerated the pace, realiing that the 5 minutes were probably close to over by then.

"Are you happy?" I asked as I felt my edge was approaching fast.

"I'm a little happy," she purred. "But I could be happier..."

By now, I had to look out the window, think of other things and otherwise maintain my mind occuppied to avoid a spill. It was hard (in more than one way), but I managed to resist until she had her second orgasm, a softer but longer one that seemed to relax all her muscles as it subsided.

"Up,"she said patting my hand. "You are done".

Happily frustrated, I dropped to her side and asked her how happy she was now.

"VERY happy,"she responded stretching. 

Then, before she left, she started to give instructions of all the things she wanted me to do today, tyhen she left, leaving me happily frustrated, with plenty to do and with a wide smile on my face.

It's been a good day so far.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How things are right now

I have not posted in a while, so I thought it was perhaps time to provide an update on how things are going.

First of all, although I continue to feel as submissive as ever, with my needs and wants of domination, sometimes I am not as helpful around the house as I need to, which affects V's mood, and bring her expectations down. Recently she has been asking me if I can maybe try to do something, as oppossed to giving me an order. This is so counterproductive that I feel like not doing it at all, whioch then causes a half-ass effort, low quality service, frustration and even lower future expectations. You could say that I am caught in a vicious circle right now.

I know, I know... I have all the tools and the knowledge to try to get out of this, but it is so hard not to let the moods affect you. I have not have sex in 9 days, but I can't call it denial, because V has not had any either. It is just lack of intimacy, caused by the fact that V now has 2 jobs and her time off is when I'm at work on mine.

I'm trying once more to bring the dynamic to life. The one thing that helps is that this time, I do it from an informed position, meaning that V knows that I want her to use sex as a tool to dominate me.

Here are two recent events that show this.

The first one was last night. I asked her if there was a chance that she would draw a marble later and she said no. Then she added, that since I crave her so much and I love her feet, that she was going to allow me to rub them. I smiled, and she became a little bossy, ordering me to take her used plate to the sink, and wash it, go get her water bottle and fill it and bring the lotion while I was at it.

I did everything as instructed, and then sat on the floor, in front of her, with her feet on my lap and gave them a long massage, including some kisses. At one point she asked me if I was comfortable down there, to which I replied by placing one of her feet in position over my erection. ""Yes, I am" I said.

The next was today, when she asked me to take her to work. She had mentioned earlier that I had to make sure that everyone ate and cleaned up after themselves, to which I had agreed. While we were in the car, I asked her what would the odds be of having a woman engage in something sexual with me tonight.

"If you are a good boy and do everything she says," she said. "I'd say there is a pretty good chance".

"Oh, I like that. And what does she want me to do?"

"She already told you," she said, repeating what she had said before.

When I dropped off in front of her building, I told her that I would do anything she said. She smiled and said, "Then, I want an immaculate kitchen."

So, you see, there is still hope here, although I'd very much prefer that she was more blatant in her use of me than she is, but I guess that before I get that, I need to demonstrate that I am a willing subject to such use. For all that matters right now, all I need to worry about it to make the kitchen immaculate.

And that's where I'm headed right at this very moment.

EDIT: (4 hours later)

I made sure everyone ate, cleaned the kitchen, including the floors and the stove and when Miss V came home, she found it to her liking. Once in the bedroom, she drew a marble from the container, and it was RED (if you have not been following this, a RED marble indicates denial for me).

"And I didn't cheat," she said before explaining that she was too tired to really enjoy me "making her happy" but that she would save it for the morning. For now, she explained, handing me the bottle of lotion, "you are going to give me a foot rub and dream about how much fun I am going to have in the morning."

"I can do that," I said, getting to work in her foot rub.

Later during the rub, I kissed her feet and thanked her. When she asked why, I said that I was grateful that she had given me the opportunity to show her my love by giving her a foot massage.

"You love my feet, eh?" she asked rethorically, then added "perhaps I can make you give me a pedicure, since you love my feet so much."

I said that I'd love to do it, if she told me how, and she agreed that she will. Then she added that she knws that I will do a great job, because I'm very talanted (her words).

So that's it. She didn't touch or tease, but I was leaking by the time I finish rubbing her feet. I need to go to sleep now, basking in the amazing power V has and hopefuly dreaming about the pleasure I'll get to give in the morning, as she instructed me.