Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another dose of denial for me

Today, Miss V pulled the BLACK marble again. She drew a card, at random this time, that said: "If there are more GREEN than RED marbles in the container, switch them around, inverting their colors, if not, it means you  need to be punished and lose all your GREEN marbles". So I had 5 GREEN marbles in the container, and now have zero.

She seemed to be very sorry for me, but reminded me that I asked for it, and that it was my game. I told her I accepted it. Then she spanked me HARD. She actually made me complain audibly. She asked me if that hurt and I said yes, then she apologized and I felt miserable, because I didn't want her to stop. I explained that it "hurt good" and that it was what I wanted, but she said that she was afraid she would hurt me (as in cause some damage). I promised her that I would let her know if she was hurting me and she spanked me a couple more times, really hard again, but stopped and said "I can't do it." I thanked her for trying and assured her that I WANT to feel it, and that I would be OK.

Then she made me give her a massage, which led to sex, where I had to stop twice because I came too close to the edge. Finally she had a moderate orgasm and told me that I could stop. I thanked her again, and begged that she take advantage of all the RED marbles that I have now and make me suffer for my choices. She agreed to do that.

Later, when she was getting ready to go take a bath, she was laughing. I asked her what she was laughing about, and she said it was not really laughing, but more like being amused at my misfortune, and then she said

"It's almost February and you have only scored twice!"

"You have not scored that much either," I responded.

"Yes, but more than you,"and she left for her shower, shaking her head in disbelief.

Now, with 16 RED marbles and no GREEN ones, I'm wondering when I will get to come again. Perhaps she will give me a freebie on Valentine's Day.

Because she can.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I get home very tired in the afternoon, but we have a commitment we have to attend to, so I eat a light dinner and off we go. The appointment is cancelled, so we are a bit upset as we turn around to go home, because we have not been noticed of the cancellation, and the website still has the event posted as scheduled. At least we get to spend a bit of time together.

By the time we return to the house, Miss V has noticed that I'm really tired.

"I have stuff to do," she says sitting at her computer. "Why don't you go to sleep, and I'll wake you up when I'm ready?"

I agree, although I have no hope of being awaken, because Miss V usually never does. I feel almost like complaining and saying that I KNOW this will never happen, but I'm really tired, so I just close my eyes and fall asleep.

I am awakened to a woman rubbing my penis. I'm still half asleep when Miss V draws the marble from the container and I see its color: RED. This means no orgasm for me, but I have not had one since New Year's day, so I'm desperately eager to do whatever Miss V asks of me.

We end up making love quite hard. I take her from behind, then she turns and I take her face to face as she wraps her legs around me. She makes me work hard, ordering me not to stop when I slow down a little. Sweat drops off my chest and unto hers in great drops. She pinches my nipples hard and I am getting close to the edge, but she slows me down.

"I'm done with you," she says. I love how confident she is becoming in her denial, and can only hope that she is pleased with me so she wants more of the same soon.

"Did you have fun?" I ask as I pull out.

"Ye- I mean NO!" Miss V says with that evil grin that drives me crazy. "Of course not, honey, I'd never do that to you!"

"How many times did you fail to have fun?"

"Only two," she says confirming the two I was sure of, and eliminating a doubtful third one.

"Good night".

Good night, Miss V. You surprised me tonight, when I didn't expect it. Thank you. I love you.

And contrary to all my expectations, I fall asleep again and sleep soundly, all night. Contented in my denied state, happy and fulfilled in making her happy and giving her pleasure.

And this surprises me as well, although only a little.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why have I done this?

The body lotion is on my bedside table. My wife enters the room and looks at it.

"Ah, good,"she says, taking her clothes off slowly. "You have the lotion ready".

She asks for the container with the marbles. I know the odds of a green marble are minimal, (3 of 17) so I'm not at all surprised when she pulls a red marble.

"Get to work,"she says, now completely naked as she lays face down across the bed.

I am getting out of my clothes, half an erection peeping out of my underwear before I finish.

"Put that away," she says, pointing at my partially hardened tool, but then she corrects herself. "Actually, leave it out, you are going to need it later... FOR ME."

I give her a long massage, from head to toes, or rather the other way around, since I began with her feet. for most of the time, she is playing, or working with her phone, only interrupted by a short ooh, or ahh, as I reach a particularly sensitive area, but when I reach her head, I pull out the scalp massager and she has to drop the phone to simply enjoy the sensations.

"You've got my attention," she says as she moans and squirms in pleasure.

I massage her scalp for a long while and when I think I'm done, she tells me that I need to start over, but this time, When I'm done, I need to be ready to please her.

I get back behind her, and begin to kiss her feet as I go up her legs in my massage. I know that if she lets me use my mouth on her, my erection will harden enough. Surprisingly, she lets me go up and soon I'm kissing her bountiful behind, although not as close to her pussy as I'd like. In  few minutes she pulls me in and I enter her from behind. Her orgasm is quick in coming, but very intense. Then she tells me she's done.

Just like that,

I sleep.

Today she draws a marble again. Another red one.

She grabs my cock and played a bit with it, I tell her that I know my bed is red, and I won't get any, but that if I have to suffer, I want to suffer good.

"I know," she says. "But today I'm going to torture by not making you suffer good."

I whine, I tell her that I haven't have sex since New Year's Day. She tells me that she has, and I realize my mistake. I explain that I meant not had successful sex.

"It was successful enough for me," she says. "You need to be good, and get enough green marbles so when I'm tired, you can get a green marble and do me from behind while I rest."

Then she plays a bit more with my cock and finally tells me that I'm welcome to join her in sleeping.

Now she sleeps while I write this and wallow in my self-inflicted misery and ask "why have I done this?"

Why indeed...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Golden Marble

I have not been too good during the holidays and my container is full of red marbles. Of course, the black marble, which always remains in play is still in there, and there is a golden marble that I bought by spending 5 marbles back when I filled the container with 100% green marbles. If you don't remember what these colored marbles represent, here is a short summary:

When Miss V wants to have sex, she can choose to decide whether I get to come or not, but she can (and usually chooses) to draw a marble to let chance decide. The color of the marble determines what happens (which she can always veto anyway, something she has done a couple times).

GREEN: I get a green marble when I work out, or when she offers one in exchange for me doing something extra for her. When I green marble is drawn, I get release in the manner of her choosing.

RED: I get a red marble when I fail to work out or when she decides that I have failed her in any other way (she's only done this once). When a red marble is drawn, I get to be denied, usually after pleasuring her, but sometimes, if she's a bit tired, she just turns over and goes to sleep (I hate this more than anything).

BLACK: Always in play (it comes back to the container after it's used). It's considered a punishment marble. There are a series of cards that I wrote with various manners of denial, some of which can be quite long. The Black marble has been drawn once.

GOLD: Only available for purchase in exchange for 5 green marbles and only if I have 100% green marbles (16) in the container. Once it is used, the golden marble is retired and I have to pay for a new one again. The golden marble gives me sexual favors, and it usually ends with a form of release that caters to my fantasies.

RESET: Every Sunday, 5 green marbles are removed from the container and replaced with red ones. Any gold and the black, remain in play.

Well, there were 16 red marbles, 1 black and one golden, and Miss V tried to draw from the container. The black marble came out, but a red one came out with it and she declared it null, dropping them both back in the container. I was a bit bummed, because the black marble is painfully delicious. The last (and only) black marble declared that I would not get to come unless I did it from purely anal stimulation. I had to get pegged until I either had an anal orgasm, or ran out of chances. That was a very intense week, but I ended up coming while riding Miss V's "cock".

Well, it was not to be, so I was resigned to watch Miss V drawing a new marble, which by all probability would be red, when she suddenly drew the golden one. I was super surprised, because both the black and the golden one had only 1 chance in 18 to come out, and she drew them both consecutively.

I gave her the cards I have for the golden marble, and she read them all. She said, that I would be denied and she would save the card for the next time, because it required time that she was not willing to devote at the time. I agreed and fucked her for two orgasms.

"Okay, good night,"she said, and as I resigned myself to her decision and started to pull out, she stopped me. "No, you know what? I think you should just keep going. You owe me."

I continued until I was on the edge and she asked me why I was stopping. I explained that I needed to stop or else I would not be able to hold it, and she squeezed my nipples while we waited, making my whole body shake with pre-orgasmic bliss. After a little while I resumed my movements and gave her a third orgasm, more powerful than the rest, and then she pushed me away.

The next morning, she left early, but I found the golden marble card she had selected on top of my computer. It was one that said that she would do me from behind for as long as she had energy, and when she got tired, she would use her hands to finish me off. So, last night, she did just that.

Before she fucked me, I got to kiss and lick her ass a little. then she turned around and told me that my kisses had gotten her excited and she shoved her "erection"on my face. I was about to suck on it, but she handed me the lubricant and told me to apply it. This is one part where I feel really submissive, when She just stands there, waiting as I have to apply the slippery stuff to the dildo she's going to fuck me with.

Well, she fucked me for a long while, and then started to use her hand. At that point I asked her if I could ride on top instead, and she agreed, so she laid back and I went on top. I didn't last long after that, and a huge load came on her chest. I so wanted to lick it off, but she handed me a small towel and asked me to clean her up.

This morning, she told me that she heard a rumor that I had been a bad boy and had been raped up my ass because of that. She also warned me to behave "or else"... Hearing her say that was bliss.

So we begin the new year, three orgasms to one, and the marble game has 14 red, 2 green and 1 black.

Now it will be a few days until Miss V can enjoy herself again, because nature is home for her monthly visit and she's feeling unusually bad this time. This should give me some time to add more green marbles to the container...