Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy as she catches on to the idea.

As V catches on to the idea of her power over me, I find I have less time to do things like, uh, let's say blog.

The idea has caught on on several fronts, a litle here, a litle there, and not 24-7, like some claim to have it. For the past few weeks, I have been doing more and more things for V, who now wants to be called Miss, as opposed to the "Ma'am" as I was calling her. The account is below.

So, how is Miss V showing that she is getting the idea of her dominance over me?

For starters, she has given me a Saturday to-do-list every week for the last three weeks. The list covers things that would be impossible to complete in a single day, so she expects me (yes, I said expects) to continue them during the week.

She has not given an inch of mercy on not allowing me to have an ogasm whenever I don't meet the conditions required and has become more inclined to claiming pleasure for herself. I am grateful for her firmness.

Here is what happened this Saturday:

When she woke up and found my erection, she toyed with it somewhat, then turned and asked me if I had worked out (remember, our arrangement is that if I don't work out, I have no orgasm) the day before, to which I said no. Then she asked me what I was going to get, and I said, "nothing". She said "Good boy!" and basically ordered me to make love to her. I did as ordered, of course and she made sure she moaned and gasped in pleasure. She has taken to do much more of that recently, partly because as she told me the other day, she has come to know her body and allow herself more pleasure, but partly to tease my brains out. I know this because when she is planning to let me come, she doesn't make that much noise.

After she felt satisfied, she pushed me away and told me my time was over. I flopped unto her side, winded, and not only by the exertion.

"Are you mad?" She asked.

"No, Ma'am" I said.

"Do I look like a Ma'am to you?" She asked. This is a line from a movie or something. I'm not sure, but I knew the answer was "No, Ma'am" which is what made it funny.

"From now on, you'll call me Miss, because I am not married," she said teasingly.

"Yes, Miss..."

"Are you going to go work out today?"

"Yes, Miss..."

"You know what? Forget it," she said. "I"m going to do this, because I can."

She turned around and made love to me again. This time I came so close to an orgasm that I had to stop, but then, after the edge had faded, she had me continue. "Good Boy!" she said.

She asked me if I knew that women had at least three diferent kinds of orgasms.

"No, Miss..."

"Well, today I had all three of them, isn't that nice of you?"

She explained what the three orgasms were, but I swear I can't remember anything except that one of them was like mine, or so she said.

It is a pleasure for me to be of service...

Her teasing has also evolved somewhat. During these last few weeks, I was spanked once. Not too much, mind you, but something is better than nothing. I took it as it was offered and thanked her afterwards. She has mentioned three times at least that she will not spank me unless I do as she says. She clearly learned that spanking is a reward for me and not a penalty, as Ms. Rika would say.

She threatened me once with having sex with a friend while making me stand in the corner and watch. I said that it would be very hard for her to make me stay in the corner without tying me up and she asked "Why? Because you would like to join?" I'm not into cuckholding and know she is not either, so I'm not terribly worried about this.

She told me the other day that I was never going to have sex again. It gave me a jolt, even though I knew she was just teasing (we had sex that very day) and she made fun of me afterwards, because the jolt was visible.

A couple times she has played with my penis, making me come close to the edge or irgasm and then said, "you are my bitch now" (Okay, only once she called me bitch, the other two times she called me 'biatch') "Go get me breakfast."

Yesterday, she came close to me and began to remove her clothes while asking me if I liked what I saw. I proudly and honestly answered with a resonant "YES!" Then she said, "Well, too bad, you thought that because you worked out you were going to score, but you have not been consistent this week, so you may touch, you may kiss and you may smell, but you ain't getting any."

After letting me do all those things, she asked me if I wanted to fuck her. Just like that...

"If you want..." I said, feeling very shy and very much in her power.

"Well," she said, turning around. "I thought you really wanted to, but - "

"YES I DO!!!" I blurted.

She laughed and we made love to my deep orgasm.

This morning, I don't remember the subject we were discussing while we were getting ready for work, but I said something to her and she turned to stare at me with a smirk on her face.

"What?" I asked, wondering at her expression.

"You are talking back to me to me like that because you just scored," she said. "But don;t worry, I know how I'm going to get you."

"How? What are you going to do?"

"Don't worry," she said. "I'll get you later, you just wait..."

Yes, she is catching up to the idea...