Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My New Chastity Device: Initial Impressions

Well, My new chastity device is here. It arrived today at my work office. Here are my thoughts about it.

The Seller's Name Matters

Warning: Even though the seller says that they will ship on discreet packaging, when you order through Amazon, the name of the seller will appear as the sender, so if you have a choice between buying from "Ultra Kinky Sexual Aids" (I'm making the names up) and "Cortex Labs" I'd recommend going with the second.

The postal service dropped it in front of the door last night (why do they even deliver to an office building at 8pm?) and when I arrived this morning it was on the front desk. There is no way of knowing how many of my coworkers saw the darned thing, with the explicit seller name as the sender.

That said, I dropped the box in my desk drawer and waited for my break to open it.

OMG This Thing is Big and Heavy! 

The device arrived in a cardboard box, and inside it was sealed in a white plastic bag. When I opened the box and hefted the device It seemed too heavy for me, but then I realized that I had ordered a device with 3 rings, so there was additional weigh in the bag that I would not have to hang from mine.

I also thought is was bigger than it really was, because of the wrapping material. Once I uncovered the whole thing and remembered that the ring goes BEHIND the scrotum, I realized the size was OK.

No Way this is Stainless Steel

It is chrome plated. I don't think someone would build something out of stainless steel and then chrome plate it. Of course, I paid for a cheap device, so even though it said stainless steel in the description, I had no illusion. The question is whether it will rust. It will be answered soon enough.

At least there are no rough edges to it. I made use of that by rubbing it inside and out with my finger before even thinking of getting it closer to any sensitive body parts.

Here is an image of it. The ring pictured is the 1.75 inches one. It also has a 1.5 and 2.0 inches (diameter)

Trying It On

So, I could not help but trying it. I was on break, so I brought some alcohol from the first aid station to clean it. It said on the description that all stainless steel devices need to be sterilized by boiling or with alcohol before use. I though it a sound idea, and since I didn't want anyone catching me cooking a metal device in the kitchen, the choice for alcohol was made.

I went to the bathroom and tried to install the 1.5 ring. It was way too small. I then brought the 1.75 and it went in. Like the instructions online said, since it is a solid ring, you have to let your little friends in one at a time. Fortunately I had read that somewhere, because otherwise I'd have thought that the device was built for hobbits... Although I don't know about those hobbits - They have large feet.

Once the ring was in, it was time to go inside the tube (or series of rings). This proved to be more of a challenge because no matter how flaccid I was to begin with, as soon as the tube toughed me there was some growth involved. I discovered that you don;t need to be erect to be unable to enter the tube. As long as you are not completely flaccid, you are not going in. I was fortunate that someone else entered the bathroom stall next to mine. I don;t know why, but all biological functions seem to halt in the presence of neighbors. I took advantage of the shrinkage to slip into the tube undetected, 

This is one of those models that need to be locked to hold in place, so I locked it.


  • It doesn't show through my work clothes. I need to check when wearing jeans to see.
  • It feels as if it is going to fall, but it doesn't
  • It is not as heavy as I thought would be, I wore it for 4 hours and it didn't bother. I need to test it for longer periods of time.
  • It's very hard to pee while wearing it. The hole in the front is too small. My "eye" is as big. I ended up pulling back a little and peeing from one of the side windows. This could be a problem if I'm wearing it overnight, because I usually wake up with morning wood, and will not be able to pull to the side. This will need to be studied further.
  • It is easy to take off. One you unlock it, you slide off it easily. The ring stays, but it takes an easy tug and twist motion to get it out.
  • You cannot leave the ring on for sex. The spike that holds the lock protrudes in a very inconvenient place, so when released, you have to remove the ring as well.

The plan

I need to introduce it to Miss V before I can continue testing. She knew I wanted one, and I'm hoping to be able to reach some type of arrangement that is not cumbersome to her. I will tell her that I have it but that I need to test it and iron all the kinks (is that the word for this?) before I ask her to hold the key. My wife is going on a trip in January, so i will have time to test it for several days and nights before she returns. By the time she gets back, I should know how to use it and have an idea of its limitations. My goal then, is to hand the keys over when she returns from her trip.

Well, that's it for now. I have homework to do. I will post something more in the near future. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Coming Soon...

I went ahead and bought this:

Yes, It's a cheap one, but it is for experimentation and I can't afford to drop a lot of money for a  better product. Another factor in choosing this one was that it comes with 3 different rings, so I have a better chance to fit.

It says that it is made of stainless steel, but I honestly don't think that's the case. I guess I'll see those stains pretty soon, if there are any.

This should arrive before Christmas, according to the tracking number.

My intention is to show it to Miss V on Christmas Day and start using it, but to keep the key with me until I'm sure of a proper fit. Later, I'll hand her the key and the lock, and ask her to lock it up.  I shiver when I think of the sound of the lock clicking shut.

Evidently, I'll have to discuss a few things with V first. Her concerns before had been few, and I present them in the order she mentioned them to me.

  • She did not want to buy it herself (the first thing out of her mouth when I asked her for one was "can't you buy it yourself?"
  • Why metal? She was wondering if it would be too hard, if it will hurt or if it is too ugly. I talked to her about plastic and silicone, and I think she understood why I wanted metal.
  • What would happen if we are separated too long. She asked me what would happen if I am locked and she goes away for the week. I don't think I was too successful at explaining this one, but we need to agree on the use of an emergency lock, obviously, because I need to be able to unlock if there is an emergency, I think this will only become an issue with extended use, and not if the device only sees limited use, as I see it.
Well, the worst thing that can happen is that she decides that she hates the thing and rejects it outright. I think she has given me implicit consent to get one, and there will not be any major trouble other than an unused cheap chastity device.

The other "bad"thing that could happen is that she likes it too much and I become a long term user... I qualify that because I have this fantasy, but have never experienced the reality of it, so it may be different. 

I might post a first impressions review when I receive the package (depending on whether I think there is anything interesting to say), and probably a post describing the testing phase. If I get locked up by V, I'll definitely post about that.

Wish me luck...

On another note, There is a new post in the Victoria's Playground blog. It is called Victoria's Gift to Me and discusses part of what the dominant woman brings to the table in my version of a Male Chastity Relationship.  

So far, there has not been much interest or activity on that blog, but I'm `planning to keep working on it for a while at least, because it is helping me put together my thoughts about this subject.   

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Little Down, a Little Confused

I have not had sex in almost a month now.

No, it's not a period od denial. it's just no sex. I told my wife that I needed some and she told me that I liked not getting any... Have I given her the wrong impression?

I have been cranky, lazy, rude, innattentive, have been eating too much, watching porn, masturbating, talking back to my wife... You get the idea.  In short, if I had decided to do everything possible to not to follow my own advice, this is how I'd behave.

I have no excuse other than to admit that I am a jerk that needs to be controlled externally. For years I thought that I wanted it, and now, after having tasted some of it, as little as it was, I realized that I need it. To try to remember my goals and my feelings, I'm working on the new blog. I made two new posts:

The One Rule
What I can give to Victoria

Today, when I arrived I tried to kiss my wife and she didn't let me at first because I was too cold (coming from outside as I was) so she blew on my lips before kissing me very lightly. Then she blew on my ears, one at a time and told me "You just got a blow job".  Sadly I could not answer that I wanted a real one because my daughter was right there. My wife's timing was perfect. SHe gets to say something and by the time I react, we are in public.

Now she's gone again, and I'm alone (with the internet), I have not masturbated for 48 hours. I feel like a loser, but I don't think that wallowing in my misery is going to make things better.

When I first asked V to exercise orgasm control on me it was with the excuse that I needed encouragement to lose weight. Perhaps I can pull it off again, but I don't know.  She has no problem saying no anymore, which is what I wanted, but now she doesn't tease.

How do I explain this?

I need the tease to proviode the energy to do what I need to do...

To be continued.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Blog: Victoria's Playground

I've started a new blog called Victoria's Playground where I'm going to share my vision of male chastity and orgasm denial in the form of games couples can play. I base the blog in my own (very limited) experiences with Miss V (the Victoria from the title), on my interpretation of female domination literature (books, websites and blogs) and sure, why not a little bit of make-a-wish fantasy,

I think that it will give me a medium to share my thoughts in a format different that the "I wanted this, but she did that ... wah wah..." that this blog has become.  

Victoria's playground will be a work of theory and games, with no accounts of my experiences. The recollection of my attempts (or should I call them my failures?) in trying to achieve some semblance of a FLR will continue to be in this blog.

A new blog by V's Boy
You can reach Victoria's Playground by clicking HERE or by entering the following address in your web browser: http://victoriaplays.blogspot.com/

My hope in writing the new blog is to help me articulate what I really want out of orgasm control and male chastity and perhaps one day to let Miss V. Read it. For that reason there will be no recounting of my sexual experiences with her, or anything that could endanger our privacy. For that reason, comments on Victoria's Playground, if there are any,  will be moderated.

As of right now, there is only one post in Victoria's Playground. Here is a direct link, in case you want it: The Simple Game of Orgasm Control.

Go check it out, if that's your cup of tea, and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Trade failed... Don't know what to do.

Didn't work.

V did not want to give me a hand job. She wanted "regular sex" even though she medically should not be doing it.

We did it, even though I didn't want to and didn't want to hurt her. She said she was all right but she was showing signs of pain later, when she thought I was not watching.

I don't know what to do.

She is too young, and too hot to not be able to enjoy herself.

If she liked oral sex, I could please her, but she doesn't.

I don't know what to do.

From mild denial we have gone to no sex at all, and I have fallen back into my old lazy, masturbatory ways.

And I feel bad about it.