Monday, April 28, 2014

One week interval...

I got an orgasm last Saturday.

I got another one this Saturday.

In between, there was no teasing, no sensuality and almost no contact of any kind. As a matter of fact, I was on the verge of whinning about it this past Friday when she pulled the container (it's actually a black velvet pouch) holding the marbles and started to shake it, mixing them. It's funny how the sound of marbles can have an erotic meaning to us now. She didn't 'cheat' or look inside the pouch when she pulled the marble out, a green one, which would mean an orgasm was in order.

I say she didn't cheat for lack of a better term. Miss V can decide whether I can have an orgasm or not, and she knows it (even if sometimes she forgets) but she prefers to switch the marble instead of telling me directly that there was a green one but she chooses to not honor it. She has only done that once. On a day when a marble came out green and she said that she was hoping for a red one, so she could use me quickly and then go to sleep. I mentioned to her that she could do as she pleased and that the marbles were not obligations for her. She denied me that day, but this has never happened again.

Well, an orgasm was in store for me, but she was too tired and she told me that she would honor it in the morning. In the morning, while I was still asleep, she pulled my underwear down, leaving it at my ankles, and straddled me. I was still half asleep (only slept 4 hours) and was having a hard time getting hard, but she insisted until she got my full attention. She rode me until she had her first orgasm.

Then it became difficult. She turned both of us around, so I could be on top, but I had not brushed my teeth, and my mouth smelled something fierce, so I didn't want to open it. This made it harder to breathe, and harder to reach an orgasm for me. She reached her second one after a while, and I happily made as if to turn her around so I could take her from behind. This would have allowed me to open my mouth, get some air and finally find relief. This was not going to be, however.

"No," she said, holding me in place. ""Not yet, boy! I am not done."

I was loving her attitutde, but concerned that I was starting to get a bit tired, and would not be able to finish. This time, I pumped hard on her, holding her tight while facing the opposite way. I allowed myself a bit of air this way, and this renewed my energy. Her panting and moaning became more intense, also something she shied away from before, and her third orgasm actually took less time than the second.

"Now it's your turn, but you have two minutes," she said holding me tight.

"May I turn you around?" I asked, trembling with exhaustion.

She laughed and agreed, and once I had her face down, the vision of my hard member entering her beautiful bottom made me finish very quickly.

I was still recovering when she told me that I needed to take a shower, because she wanted me to drive her to work, so I could keep her car, because she had "a mission" for me. I did as instructed, and found out that the mission was to take the girls places and to go shopping for groceries.

I did as instructed, which earned me another green marble, but didn't do the dishes, which would have been a second one. This made me fall short of improving my odds this week, since every Sunday, I have to remove 5 green marbles from the pouch.

I hope she becomes more active this week (sometimes this happens when I give her multiple orgasms) and doesn't wait until next Saturday to demand my attentions.

I hope.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unauthorized orgasm

I came yesterday, and I was not supposed to.

It all started earlier when my son and my daughter were arguing over whose activity I'd join. I didn't want to hurt their feelings, because both really wanted to spend time with me, but I could not do both. I decided to ask my wife what she thought.

I called her over to where the kids were arguing, and told her what each of them wanted, asking her opinion.

"You are doing neither," she said, surprising the children. "You have to go to work tomorrow, so you have to get to the kitchen right now, do the dishes and go to bed."

"You have ten minutes," she added.

I don't think the children will argue about me for the time being...

I did the dishes, which were many, and that earned me a green marble (I don't know if I've mentioned here that I hurt my feet a week and a half ago and have switched from working out to providing house service to earn my green marbles, but yeah, that's how it is for now)

I went to bed and she drew a marble. She asked me if I wanted to know the color, and I said yes, but she said that she would keep it secret to torment me. She made me give her a foot massage while she worked on her computer. It kind of felt interesting, me serving her and being ignored at the same time. I kissed her feet, but when I tried to suck on her toes, she pulled away, so I limited myself to kisses.

After that, she put her computer away and pulled me over. We kissed long and hard, until my lips were swollen from all her biting and sucking. Then she told me to make love to her, which by this time I did with great energy.

She had a couple nice orgasms, including one where I covered her mouth and she allowed herself to make noise, since I was muffling her sound. Then, while she was still under me, she showed me the marble she had drawn earlier. It was a red one, which meant I would have no release.

She laughed and told me to keep going, because she was not done yet, but that there would be nothing for me. I groaned, and she laughed some more (I love that evil laugh). But in the process of trying to get her to reach her third orgasm, I reached the point of no return.

"I'm going to come!"I said pumping hard and deep into her.

"Don't you dare!"she said, but pulled me closer and ground herself against me.

It didn't matter anyway, because I was in the process already and there was no stopping it any more. She held me close until my numerous spasms stopped, and while still caressing my body, she told me that I was in deep trouble, but that she was too happy right then to think about what to do, so she would tell me in the morning.

 "I hope it was worth it,"she said before turning around and letting me go to sleep hugging her precious bottom. I wondered for a moment what she was going to do to punish me, but I was in post orgasmic bliss and super tired, so I fell asleep quite rapidly.

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, she looked at me and asked me how many green marbles were in my container. I had 5, because as you might know, every Sunday, 5 marbles are removed from the container, to keep me working for them.

"OK," she said. "Change them all to reds..."

I did, and now my punishment for having an unauthorized orgasm is a longer period of denial.

I think it WAS worth it. What do you think?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Little change, still big hopes...

Been a while since my last post.

What has changed? Not much.

V still feels comfortable denying me and my number of orgasms is falling. The other day she said "This is becoming too easy for you" and she spilled all the marbles on the bed to check that I was not cheating. She said this because I had gotten two Green marbles in a row (even though the marbles were drawn days apart and there were only 5 on the pouch, compared to 11 red ones).

Another night, she told me she hoped a red marble would come out because she was in the mood for a massage, not for sex. I reminded her that a green marble does not force her to grant me an orgasm, and that if she wants, she can decide that the marble is red, without having to draw. She smiled, as if she had forgotten that (she seems to forget things often) and she said that I'd give her a massage, and that would be that, unless the massage was good enough to put her in the mood, in which case, the color of the marble would decide. She drew one secretly, and after my massage, she said "Screw me now, because I'm getting sleepy" and she showed me the green marble.

These are the last two green marbles I've gotten.

Something that changed this week is the condition for me to earn green marbles. For some reason, I'm having inflammation in my ankles and feet, so I am not able to work out. I am having problems even wearing my working shoes, and am considering that I may have to ask the doctor for a note with an exemption from wearing them. So, I have asked from a reprise from the requirement to work out, and asked for other conditions to be imposed. This week, because of this, I've been doing chores and fixing stuff around the house to earn my green marbles. The dishes have become my responsibility, and twice this week I had to do the laundry, including sorting and folding afterwards. I had to cook dinner three times as well.

Needless to say, doing all these is far more satisfying for me than the regular workouts.

Today, as a new week begins, and my feet are still not well, I'm going to ask V for another week of domestic servitude, and I'm going to ask her to make it harder, more demanding.

Another thing that changed was that she started giving orders to our kids as well. They've had had to make dinner and do laundry on days as well, while she has not cooked or done a dish the entire week.

As far as my kink goes, I'm still wanting a chastity belt and hard spankings, but this week, she ordered to spank myself twice for thinking about contradicting her. Very aware of the fact that a chance like this can only continue if I comply immediately, I dropped my pants and gave myself a hard slap on the buttocks with the silicon spatula (which is the best thing I've found so far for self-punishment) She just laughed at me and I said that it would have been more satisfying if she would have done it herself, but that since she ordered it, I enjoyed it too.

She's finally getting the idea that her tone matters. The other morning, she asked me to make her breakfast and described what she would like. I yes-honeyed her and then she looked at me and raising her voice a little said "Go make me breakfast!" I stood up right away and as I was walking to the kitchen, heard her say "I don't know which one works better" to which I answered "the second one" and she laughed again.

I hope her laughter is an indication that she is having fun and that more of it will come in the future. I need to explain to her that I want to be spanked hard and that she should ignore my body language, and I'd ask her to stop when I can't handle it no more.

Also, in the chastity device front, I think I'm going to ask her for a "trial"as my birthday gift. The trial would be able to be cancelled by any of the parties (although I know I'll do my best not to cancel it, the fact that I can, should give her confidence that I still want it) and extended as long as the parties want in order to feel satisfied that this is something we can both benefit from. After the trial, it will become her right and privilege to control, but I don;t think I will make a big deal out of it yet, because I have learned to take her dominance whenever I can and not impose new things too fast, to avoid scaring her.

So this is it for now: No big changes, but steady orgasm control and big hopes on my part.

Hopefully I'll be able to post more frequently.