Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lucky Release after 10 days

I woke up Monday morning with the raging hard-on that is becoming my morning companion. 8 days of denial had gone by and I was feeling quite desperate. I started rubbing V's back and she asked me if I wanted a quickie.

"I don't know," I said like a bumbling idiot. I don't even know why I said that.

"Marbles," she said, in that sweet but final tone that I'm just discovering.

She pulled a red one, as expected (1 green only) and ordered me to fuck her. I had barely penetrated her when I felt that I was about to cum and stopped. This is what I was afraid of, and I had been so glad that I had been able to give her multiple orgasms the previous days, but this time I couldn't.

She immediately pulled out when I said that I could go no more.

"I'm sorry," I said in all honesty, sounding like the lamentation of a lost soul.

"Don't worry about it," she said. "It's okay."

"I owe you one."

"More like three, boy," she finished.

I worked out and added a green marble to the container, ending the day with 2

On Tuesday, V surprised me by bringing me breakfast in bed. A little unusual as of late, but it was something she felt like doing, so she did. I was late and gobbled it up almost without chewing and ran to work. That afternoon, I worked out, and brought the green marble count to 3, but it really didn't matter because no marbles were drawn this day.

Later in the day I remembered that in my hurry, I had not even thanked V for the breakfast and I sent her a message doing so. In the afternoon, I told her in person and also thanked her for playing the game with me. I told her that it is really working and that it keeps me motivated to work out.

"That's good," she said with what I could call a wicked grin that made me go uh-oh...

On Wednesday afternoon, we arrived at home almost at the same time. I was walking into the living room when the boys entered through the kitchen door. I said hi to them as they walked by. Then my beautiful wife walked in, so I waited for her to give her a kiss. She pulled me back towards the kitchen, where the boys could not see us, pushed me against the wall and kissed me quite aggressively, getting her tongue deep into my mouth.

"Don't ask why," she said before sticking her tongue in my mouth again. I wasn't about to ask.

"So what's your plan for tonight?" V asked.

"I'm going to work out right now," I panted.

"You better," she said, giving me a soft slap in the bottom.

I worked out again and changed a marble to now have 4 green.

"Marbles," she said that night.

She pulled a marble, inspected it without letting me see it and suddenly bursted into laughter.

"Guess what you got?"

"Red," I said, 75% percent chances were with my guess.

She opened her hand and I saw, lying there in all its glory, a green marble.

I could not stop smiling. After 10 days of denial, I was going to score again. I hopped in bed and we made quite a bit of noise. I was a savage, ravishing V with the full intent of avenging 10 days of denial. She seemed to enjoy it more than usual as well, perhaps because of my energy level. I have no idea how many orgasms she had. I didn't count and didn't ask, but I know she had more than one, and possibly more than two.

My orgasm was hard and long.

Afterwards, I could not sleep. Every time I was about to fall asleep, I jumped, so I ended up getting up and working on a project on the computer. I was hyperactive, went to bed at 0400 and slept only two and a half hours. I don't know the reason for the insomnia. In the past, I have always slept better after sex. The hyper activity may have been caused by the exertion, or by the hormonal changes after orgasm (I have gone without sex for short periods before, never 10 days, and never with tease involved)

I know 10 days may sound like nothing to some, but to me it was a long time. It was a new record now that I don't relieve myself anymore. Now, another cycle begins. We will see what it brings. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday's Denial


It was a lazy Sunday for everyone in the family. We didn't do much, except that I made sure to work out, but it ended up not counting, because V reset the count to 1, as she promised. 1 Green and 15 red, that is how my week began...

V made i clear during the day that she was going to get some this night. It was not overtly sexual, but she snuck a kiss here, a nudge there and was generally in a sexy mood all day long. We had visitors, so she told me that she wanted to "go to bed as soon as they left". I am bad at code, so I had to ask her if she meant to sleep. "Go to bed," she repeated. Silly me finally got it.

When the last visitor left, I immediately went to the bedroom (V had retired a few minutes earlier) and found her in bed already. She asked me to make sure any left over food was put away and that the girls took their showers. I quickly did as instructed, of course, being "under the influence" if V's spell, and returned to the bedroom.

When I came back, it was clear to me that V was naked under the covers. She pointed towards my side of the bed and I quickly went around her. I sleep on the far side, next to the windows, while V prefers the side which is closer to the door. I said something I don't remember, and V pointed at the bed with her index finger.

I followed her finger and saw on my side of the bed, a single red marble.

"No talking," she said in a tone that made me smile. "This is what you got tonight, which is not unexpected after your bad behavior last week, so take your clothes off now."

I was trembling like a wet chiwawa as I took my clothes off. I could not believe that she was being so dominant! For all I know, she may have picked up the red marble intentionally, which would be a sweet development. Otherwise, I don't know why she would have pulled the marble while I was away. One way or another, I took it like a man and took my clothes off.

"Now, come here and do me," she said and when she noticed that my erection hardened a little, she laughed and repeated it. "Do me, baby, do me now!"

By the time she said it the third time, I was hard, inside her, doing as I was told and she was not laughing anymore.

I did her for a surprisingly long time. I was expecting that I would not last long and would have to stop myself, but I didn't have to. I rode her long and hard, all the time wanting to make her enjoy it so much that she would want me again and again. I thought she had three orgasms before she told me that it was time to stop, but her tone was weak, her previous dominance gone altogether and I admit that I was tempted to ignore her command and just go on. Luckily I didn't fall for temptation and allowed her to push me out.

"Good night," she said softly. "I hope you sleep well."

I got closer to the source of my pleasure and cuddled with her until I finally was able to sleep.

This was day 7 since my last orgasm and I have only one green marble in the container. I'm a little scared, I admit, but also excited and motivated. As a tool to make me work out this is priceless. I only hope that V doesn't decide that I should always be in chastity. The first week, I ended up with 12 Green marbles and she reset it to 5, the second week, I had only two, and she left me only one, and that was out of pity, she said.

Have I created a monster?

Saturday's Tease


I woke up with a natural erection. I have not had an orgasm all week, but since I was sick, and was not up to anything sexual, I guess it doesn't count as orgasm denial. V is not counting it either and told me that "tomorrow we start a new week" and that she promised me that I will gave "at least one green marble".

In the morning, she told me that I had been bad and that I don't deserve to have a penis, because I don't do what is needed to give him (my penis) what he needs. She repeated it three times during our conversation and each time I felt a twitch.

"Look at it," she said. "He knows what he wants, but you are a bad owner! Come on, baby, mommy will treat you right..."

She started to play with it and kiss it, but then she stopped.

"Actually," she said. "I think you need to be punished. You are going to give me a full body massage and while you do it, look at my naked body and think about all the good things you are not going to have." She removed all her clothes except a pair of tiny panties that she recently bought and laid face down on the bed.

I gave her a massage, and as is usual when she wants to deny me, she moaned in pleasure. I took a few liberties with the massage and kissed and licked her feet, which is something she is beginning to accept without comment. At the end, she turned around and asked me to do her front as well, but gently.

"That is actually good," she said as I rubbed her lightly nipples with my palms. I did it some more.

I played with her pussy, getting my fingers under her panties as she enjoyed herself.

"Can I kiss it?" I asked her as she moaned.

"You know what?" she said. "Yes. Kiss it, but only over the panties, because you don't deserve it.

I did it, but it didn't last long enough. Oral is something she does "for me" more than anything.

"Now bring me breakfast, biatch!"

She was joking, of course, but in these little jokes I get the opportunity to show some initiative and encourage her, so I said "Yes Miss, what would you like?"

She specified a relatively elaborate breakfast, which I made for her. After that she dismissed with a "maybe I will score again tonight... Maybe."

She didn't. It was a busy day and she decided to go to sleep. This was my 6th day without an orgasm, and I'm finally beginning to feel it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

More denial is heading my way...

Almost two weeks have passed since I introduced the idea of playing a denial game (see previous posts for more information) and I am excited, happy, more denied than ever and looking forward to a week filled with more denial. The marble count right now is 2 GREEN, 14 RED. If I look at the jar where the unused ones are, I can definitely apply that saying about the grass being greener on the other side. I think and hope to be denied more than ever this week.

Here are some observations:

  • V is feeling more confident in denying me, as evidenced by 4 straight days of orgasms for her without the slightest sign of guilt or remorse.
  • Her self-esteem is also improving. She purchased more sexy underwear, has been working out and has gone on a healthy diet.
  • She has given slight indications that she might transfer her dominance to other areas, e.g. she told me that she would give me a green marble if I did the dishes, and a few days ago, she toyed with my penis while making me promise to take our daughter to a special event.
  • She is beginning to accept (if perhaps not understand) that her teasing of me is a gift. She told me that she loved how her body looked now that she has gotten rid of most of her belly fat and told me she was glad her bottom was still big enough to suffocate me. When I asked her if that meant what I wanted ot to mean, she answered that she owed me because I had been very good to her for a whole week. She corrected herself and said that she wanted to owe me.
  • She shows no mercy. Once we agree to rules, she enforces them to the letter. This week, I have been sick and have not been able to work out. Every day she has had me change a green marble for a red marble, even though I have few greens left. One day she asked me if I was sure I was too sick to work out, because I was going to "pay" for it next week.
  • She chose to grant me more denial. After working out every day last week, I ended the week with a great number of green marbles, I think 12, but on Sunday, she changed them to leave only 5 left. (and now I only have 2 left) 
The math doesn't seem to add up, so I'm thinking V must have reset the count on Monday rather than Sunday, but the truth of the matter is that my odds of pulling GREEN are greatly diminished.

I'm too tired right now to continue, but I go to bed with a powerful erection and full of fantasies. Perhaps on another post I will describe those fantasies of mine.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update: Ending the first week

NOTE: This post refers to the T&D game we are playing and is a continuation from the past few posts. For more info on the game ant it rules, refer to those.


After obtaining release on Sunday, I was not feeling particularly driven on Monday, and would not have worked out if it was not for the prospect of lowering my FUTURE odds even more. In that sense, you could say that the game worked in getting me off my feet and working out, even without much direct motivation. My odds at the beginning of this day were a paltry 19%, and missing the workout would have lowered them to 13% (I’m rounding here. Each marble in the container represents 6.25%). While at the moment I don’t really feel a strong urge to be released, I know that in a few days I will and if the percentage is too low, it may take many days to raise it to an acceptable level.

We were both very busy on this day, so there was almost no contact of any kind between V and I. As we ended up going to bed at separate times, nothing else happened. This is something that used to frustrate me, because even though I said that I wanted V to have control, I think I still had at least some level of expectation of ‘payment’ for my workout. Ironically, this expectation may have been fueled by V’s generosity in releasing me almost every time I worked out, but it is still my responsibility to see if I really want this to happen or not, because she is only doing what she thinks I’m asking for. As a matter of fact, part of my motivation for introducing randomness to our arrangement (something I didn’t want to do before) was that I was beginning to get the vibe that V was feeling ‘forced’ whenever I worked out, regardless of what I said to the contrary. This of course, might very well be my fault, by not being a good honest communicator.

My workout of this day increased my odds to 25%, although I didn’t do the actual marble substitution until the next morning.


I woke up on Tuesday a little earlier than usual, because my work schedule for the day was a little different, but V was awake and asked me if I had changed the marbles for my workout of the previous day. When I answered that I hadn’t, she instructed me to do to right then and suggested that she may pull marbles later in the day, if I was “good”.

I changed the marbles and noticed how dismal even the 25% odds look. I admit it. I felt a little pleasurable twinge when I saw all that RED in the container (12 RED, 4 GREEN) because I know that means more chances to be denied.

We went on with our separate daily activities and I found that I am still at the stage where I want the marble to be RED, but with a 25% of GREEN marbles, there is the possibility of release. I’m glad the container will reset on Sunday to keep the odds low, because at the rate I’m going if I keep working out every day, the odds may rise too much.

When I came home from work, V was in the kitchen and we had a short but intense make-out session standing up against the fridge.

“You need to work out,” she whispered in my ear, panting.

“Yes, Miss,” I said.


I went.

After my workout, I edged myself in the shower, fantasying about pleasing V while continuing in denial. Edging is something I am still doing, to raise my energy level to a more ‘motivated’ state. If I had a device that worked good enough to prevent me from doing that, my level of motivation would take longer to come up. I still have not made up my mind over whether I should stop edging or not.

Later that night, V came into the room, took her clothes off and basically ordered me to scratch her back, which is becoming kind of a routine nowadays. As I did it, she moaned with pleasure, which is something she knows I find super hot.

“Marbles,” she said extending her hand over her shoulder, her nude back still turned towards me. I gave the container to her and she made a show of shaking it to make the marbles move inside. I’m starting to love the sound they make.

She switched a marble for the day’s workout, which brought the odds up to 31%, closed the container and pulled a marble. She turned around to face me, displaying a RED marble between her index and thumb.

“Aw, poor you,” she said with a sad face she couldn’t hold for long and burst into laughter. “ And you have been working soooo hard!”

She sounded so genuinely joyful at the prospect of me getting RED that I had to admit to her that I was a lucky man.

“It seems to me that the word you are looking for is ‘unlucky’,” she said with unmitigated glee. “Honey, you pulled RED!”

“Well,” I said. “I am lucky to be unlucky, then. And I have been working out every day, so this is working…”

“Okay,” she said, still smiling that beautiful smile of hers. “This is only going to be a short tease, because I am kind of tired.”

It was relatively short, yes, but enough to drive me wild with the sounds she made and her moves, especially when she pulled out and told me she was done and good night.

“You have worked out every day this week, right?” She asked. Since she knows exactly how many days I have worked out, I think her question was more for my benefit than hers. “We have to talk about a special prize if you complete the week…”

“What do you have in mind?” I asked

“Not now,” she said. “I’m too tired.”

“But when you said ‘we have to talk’ I thou -”

“Yes, good night…”

Sometimes, I talk too much.

I could not sleep. I had reached a high level of energy and needed to get out of bed and do something else. I felt happy, mad, frustrated, elated, tired and energized at the same time. Overarching all that, deeply in love with my wife, and grateful that she is doing this for me and that she is enjoying it too.

After doing some other things, I went ahead and edged again. I am too curious as to how much higher I can go. This time, I made sure to stop a little earlier, farther from the edge, to avoid any possible accidents that my heightened state my cause.

I finally went to bed past midnight and fell asleep looking at V, contemplating my luck and feeling gratitude for her being so firm and constant in enforcing the rules of our game.


After being awake for a little while on Wednesday, but still in bed, I felt a ‘leaking’ sensation, then another. I checked and I was having a small amount of flow. Not as much as in a wet dream, but definitely there. I have read of this happening to men after several days in chastity, but I have only been without release for 2 days. It may be that my edging and V’s tease have accelerated the process. I don’t know. I was thinking about work when it happened, and as far as I know, I don’t have THAT type of attraction towards my job.

My motivation to work out this day was super high. Especially after V saying that we needed to talk about my “special prize”. The implication of the phrase “we need to talk” in my experience was that she was going to tell me something that (she thinks) I might not like, so it was a little nerve-wrecking not to know what she wanted to tell me.  It may be that she wants to make special prizes harder to achieve, which is perfectly fine for me, but it also may be that she wants to take them out of the equation, which would not be as fine for me, but I would definitely accept it if that’s what she wanted.

Anyway, during my day at work I was thinking about V a lot and texted her a simple “Thank you”. At this point, I think she knows exactly what I am thanking her for, and I imagine her shaking her head and muttering something or other about how crazy her husband is.

Once at home, V told me she was busy and confirmed that she needed to be left alone to work on a project, so I went out and spent some time with the kids. After that, I was alone in the living room and she walked in.

“I’m hungry,” she said. “Go serve me some food.”

I stood up to go to the kitchen, a big smile on my face because of her demanding tone and as we walked into the kitchen / dining room, she saw the large pile of dishes in the sink.

“Forget it,” she said pointing at the dirty dishes. “I’ll serve my own food. You have a lot of work right there.”

I turned around and grabbed an apron to do the dishes.

“What?” V asked. “You are going to do the dishes instead of working out?”

I placed the apron back in place and went to the room to get my workout shoes. When I was about to walk out the door, she questioned me again.

“Are you going to work out instead of doing those dishes?”

We both laughed at that, but I did all the dishes after my workout.

At night, after taking a long bath, V came into the bedroom wearing my bathrobe. I was at the computer and she asked me if I had time to do something for her. When I turned around to say yes, she let the bathrobe fall and revealed the black sexy lingerie she was wearing.

“I need you to serve me some good ice cream,” she said. “Would you?”

“Yes,” I said, grabbing her by the waist and kissing her neck, which she signaled to by lifting her hair.

“Aw,” she said. “You are so easy to convince! Would you have said ‘yes’ so quickly if I was not wearing these?”

“Yes,” I said.


I went and got some Ice Cream for her. When I returned, she looked at it and sighed.

“You don’t listen to me,” she said. “You were too busy gawking and didn’t pay attention to what I said.”

“You said ‘bring be some good vanilla ice cream’,” I said.

“WITH delicious chocolate syrup all over it,” she added. “Men! They never listen…”

I honestly don’t remember her asking for chocolate syrup, but when she has the container with the marbles that decide whether or not you have release, you just go ahead and obey.

“Go get me the syrup,” she said, smacking my bottom as I left the room.

I came back with the proper Ice cream and as I entered the door she asked if I had added the strawberry syrup as she had asked. This time I was sure she was jesting, so I said that I had added exactly what she had asked. She didn’t pursue it.

While she was having her Ice Cream, she had me read a case file to her. After that, she composed a brief reply and asked for the marbles. She opened the container and looked at it. Then she showed it to me. All the marbles visible were RED.

“You are lucky I always shake it before drawing,” she said.

The marble came out GREEN, which I consider a lucky shot, because the odds were at 38% only.

“Screw me,” she ordered. “Screw me good, because I need a good screwing.”

“Yes, Miss,” I said and immediately got to work on it with explosive results from both parts.

“Did I screw you good?” I asked afterwards.

“No, you didn’t,” she answered. “You need to keep working on it until you get it right. You can try again tomorrow…”

I thought that was it for the day, but she ordered me to put something on, so I could go to the living room and bring some things she had forgotten there. When she noticed that I was a little unenthusiastic about the task, she said something that started my mental gears again.

“You better do it,” she said. “Because you know I can pull RED marbles for a week if you don’t”.

I bet you can guess that I immediately went and did as I was told.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 2: Quick Adjustments

NOTE: This post continues the conversation of the previous two posts. For more information on the game we are playing, please refer to those posts.
After being denied on Saturday by the drawing of a RED marble, I woke up on Sunday Super motivated to play again and with a 60% chance of drawing GREEN. V didn’t mention the game in the morning and we proceeded to our normal activities. In the afternoon, however, she approached me in the bedroom and toyed with me a little.

“What are your plans, honey?” She asked.

“I was planning to go work out,” I said truthfully, because when she had entered the room I had been changing into workout-appropriate clothing. Of course, she didn’t believe it, which is okay, because she tried to do some more “convincing”.

“Good,” she said grabbing my (until then) flaccid member. “Because you got a GREEN marble yesterday and it would be sad just to change it for a RED one today, wouldn’t it?

“Yes Miss…” I said as she fondled me a little more.

“Now, go!” she said, laughing. I’m glad she’s having fun.

I went on my usual workout routine and returned. While working out I thought about how that was going to raise my chances to a 70% and how easy it had been. I felt conflicted about having a GREEN marble come out and stop my denial short. True, I’m very horny, but I’m curious as to how far I can go.

A little later, I was at the computer and she entered the room.

“You should stop masturbating to the computer,” she said. “It is not good for you”.

I explained that I had not been masturbating and that as a matter of fact I have not masturbated in a long time, because what would be the purpose of coming up with ways to be denied by her, only to “de-hornytize” (yes I made that up) myself?

“I don’t know,” she answered. “Guys do it all the time, why do they?”

“Because that’s how they get their kicks,” I said. “They have not discovered the things we have discovered and how sweet it is to be so horny.”

She dismissed that with a “maybe:” and told me that now she was busy and if I wanted her to have time and energy to pull a marble later, I needed to help her out.

I did.

At night, she came into the room, undressed herself and went to bed.

“Marbles,” she said extending her open hand, palm up, demanding.

I took the container of marbles, hoping against hope that a RED marble would come, but  she proceeded to change a RED marble to GREEN because of my workout (which I had not mentioned to see if she would pull a marble before counting the workout) and now my odds were at 70% GREEN.

She pulled a marble in secret and asked me what color I thought it was.

“Green,” I said.

“Is that wishful thinking?” V asked, not noticing my resigned tone.


“Here,” she said, tossing me a bottle of lotion. “You are going to get the privilege of rubbing my feet.”

As I rubbed her feet and thought about how true it was that it was my privilege, she showed me the GREEN marble she had pulled and we went over the rules of the game again. V asked me what would happen to the green marble that she pulled and I explained that it would go back to the container so we always maintain a total of 10. She asked me what would happen if any marbles that were “used” remained out of play, and I explained that we could do that, but it would change the odds, so we should look into the way of adding marbles as well. Then she said that after I “scored” tonight, I would have less interest in working out, but if I worked out twice more, my chances of drawing GREEN would be at 100% and we “couldn’t have that”.

She suggested that we reset the count every week and I mentioned my idea of cutting down to one green marble for each day of the week that I worked out. At first she misunderstood and thought that the number of beads would not change, but I clarified that if I worked out 5 days in a row, 100% of the marbles would be green, but they would reset to 5 (for a 50% again).

“You only worked out 3 times this week,” she asked. “How would it work?”

“I’ll have 3 GREEN marbles and 7 RED”.

“No,” she said. “I don’t like it. I’ll have to keep track of how many times you work out during the week, and I don’t want to count.”

I was about to suggest that I can keep the count for her when her math processor brain came up with a solution that had escaped me even after all the thought I had given to the matter.

“Every Sunday,” she said. “I will open the container and remove 5 GREEN marbles. If you’ve been a good boy and worked out all week, it will bring you back down to 50%, but if you have been bad, you will go down to less than that.”

I was about to protest, but some quick mental math told me that I could be up for more denial than I originally expected, so I kept my peace.

She, on the other hand, was not ready to give it up.

“I’m going to add marbles to the container,” she said. “I need 8 of each instead of 5”.


“Because even if you work out on all 7 days of the week, you still get the chance to draw a RED marble”.

So, we finally settled on this: Every Sunday, V will remove 7 GREEN marbles (or all of them, if there are less than 7) from the container and replace them with RED ones. I will begin on Monday with those odds.

“Well,” she said after I said okay. “Today is Sunday, so do it.”

I had mixed feelings about taking my 70% GREEN container and changing it to 19% GREEN (18.75, actually). I didn’t know the number at the moment, but it looked pretty awful with just 3 GREEN marbles in a sea of 13 RED ones. She must have seen my confused face, because she asked me what the matter was, and I said that the odds looked really low.

She smiled and said “You asked for it.”

And you know what? I’m glad I did.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Game Report: Day One

In the previous post I talked about the game we are playing. In very simple terms, there is a container that has red and green marbles (it started with 5 of each color) and whenever V wants to have sex she pulls a marble to see if I will get to enjoy an orgasm (green) or be denied (red). The trick is that I have to work out every day fot this to work. If I don't work out on any given day, not only V does not pull a marble (it automatically counts as red) but she gets to substitute a green marble for a red one in teh container, diminishing the odds of me getting an orgasm in the future. If I work out, a green marble is substituted for a red one, increasing the odds. We are still working out the details of how to "reset" the count if it goes too "green", so this is still in developement, but we started nevertheless. I will be bound by these rules until August, when we can look at them and revise accordingly.

The last I reported here was that I presented the game to V and she agreed to play.

Well, yesterday's morning, V woke me up and told me "Let's play colors!" I gave her the container, which we decided to keep on my bedside table and after struggling a little trying to open it, she pulled a marble and began to laugh. She showed it to me, it was a red one.

"It has to be your luck!" V said laughing as she dropped it back in the container. "Now come here and make ME happy."

"Yes, Miss," I said, and acted accordingly.

After we were done, or I should say after SHE was done, we were laying there, basking on her post-orgasmic bliss and my unspent energy and she told me something curious.

"You see?" She said. "This is a game that could sell. It's simple, it doesn't have a lot of instructions, it is easy to learn and it doesn't take hours and hours to finish. You should sell it".

"Do you think I could sell a game like this?" I asked.

"I don't know," she said. "There are a lot of naughty games out there, so I guess you could".

After a little while, she asked me to bring her breakfast in bed, which I happily did.

I worked out later in the day, and that night, as we laid in bed, she told me to switch the marble. I did, and now I have 60% chance of getting an orgasm the next time she pulls one.

I am so horny right now that I have to go work out, but deep inside, I'm hoping for another RED marble... You know how it is. If I work out now, I will have 70% chance of an orgasm afterwards (I will wait for her to tell me to switch the marbles before I do, hoping that she would call colors before my chances rise up to 70%)

And this was the first day of playtest. Looks promising so far.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Progress Report and A New Game


Well, I have not posted anything for the last three months. Things have continued to progress at a slow pace. I continue to be denied (good) or ignored (bad) when I don't work out, and every once in a while V asks me to serve her in various ways, some sexual, some not. I have given foot massages, back rubs, breakfast in bed, and out of bed, done her laundry and other things of this nature.

An old sports injury flared again, so I have not been able to work out often. V has not shown mercy, and in the last couple of months I have had less orgasms (and sadly less sex) than ever. I am currently going to therapy and getting better, so I started working out again (and having orgasms). One sad part of not being able to work out is that V teases me less. Another one is that I gained back all the weight that I had lost, and now I am only 2 pounds under my highest weight.

To the risk of sounding like everything is rosy and my denial adventure is perfect, I will make a list of the things V has done recently that I consider advances. This list is not exhaustive, and I want to make it very clear that these things have happened over a long period of time. For the most part, the relationship continues to be very vanilla and not dominated by her.

  1. She allows me to give her oral on the condition that it is agreed upon in advance and she has the chance to clean herself. The other condition is that I have to be freshly shaven.
  2. She has sat on my face as a convincing mechanism.
  3. She has become more vocal about sex.
  4. She purchased additional sexy underwear to tease me with
  5. She stopped giving me oral as a matter of routine and now demands that I work out at least 5 days per week to allow me to sit back and enjoy it. 
  6. Under the same conditions as number 4, she has given me some exquisite hand jobs.



Today, I broached the subject of a change in the rules of our game. She asked a few questions to make sure she understood, but in the end told me that she things it is good and that we will begin immediately. What this means is that I will be denied more and it started tonight.

This morning, I woke up with a hard-on and she allowed me to enter her from behind for a bit. When it sounded like I was about to cum, she pulled away and ordered me to go to work. I worked out today, with the full hope of being able to have an orgasm tonight, but she told me that she was tired and she would have a conversation with me in the morning. I asked her about the subject of the conversation and she told me that it would be about my progress, and that depending on my answers, she may or may not allow me my release. (I have mentioned before that working out "counts" until the next morning.)

That is when I presented my idea for the game.

It is very simple and not original, but we are going to try it. I asked her to test it for a full month before allowing me to change anything, even if I am crying after two weeks.

So, this is it. There are five green and five red marbles in a container to begin with. Ever day I work out, a green marble is deposited in the container and a red one is taken out. If I don't work out, the opposite happens, a red one in, a green one out. The proportion of colored marbles in the container, indicates my chances to have an orgasm. On a day when I don't work out, nothing else happens with the marbles after the substitution. I definitely have no chance of having an orgasm and V can do with me as she pleases. On a day when I work out, V has to decide if she wants sex or not (like now) but instead of automatically allowing me to have an orgasm, she will pull a marble from the container. Green means "GO" and Red means "NO". The marbles work only for me. She can always have as many orgasms as she pleases.

The addition of the random layer is a attempt to be denied more often, to maintain my motivation level. The substitution of marbles is to increase and decrease the chances to prevent me from playing the system by not working out when I know (or suspect) that she will not have sex with me. If I fail to work out three days in a row, my chances of an orgasm on my next workout day will be  30% lower.

Will this work?

I don't know, but it is a step forward and back at the same time. It is a step forward because she readily accepted it and I will be denied more often, but  by bringing randomness to the game where before she was making desicions, I might be delaying her growth into complete sexual dominance.

Time will tell.