Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 2: Quick Adjustments

NOTE: This post continues the conversation of the previous two posts. For more information on the game we are playing, please refer to those posts.
After being denied on Saturday by the drawing of a RED marble, I woke up on Sunday Super motivated to play again and with a 60% chance of drawing GREEN. V didn’t mention the game in the morning and we proceeded to our normal activities. In the afternoon, however, she approached me in the bedroom and toyed with me a little.

“What are your plans, honey?” She asked.

“I was planning to go work out,” I said truthfully, because when she had entered the room I had been changing into workout-appropriate clothing. Of course, she didn’t believe it, which is okay, because she tried to do some more “convincing”.

“Good,” she said grabbing my (until then) flaccid member. “Because you got a GREEN marble yesterday and it would be sad just to change it for a RED one today, wouldn’t it?

“Yes Miss…” I said as she fondled me a little more.

“Now, go!” she said, laughing. I’m glad she’s having fun.

I went on my usual workout routine and returned. While working out I thought about how that was going to raise my chances to a 70% and how easy it had been. I felt conflicted about having a GREEN marble come out and stop my denial short. True, I’m very horny, but I’m curious as to how far I can go.

A little later, I was at the computer and she entered the room.

“You should stop masturbating to the computer,” she said. “It is not good for you”.

I explained that I had not been masturbating and that as a matter of fact I have not masturbated in a long time, because what would be the purpose of coming up with ways to be denied by her, only to “de-hornytize” (yes I made that up) myself?

“I don’t know,” she answered. “Guys do it all the time, why do they?”

“Because that’s how they get their kicks,” I said. “They have not discovered the things we have discovered and how sweet it is to be so horny.”

She dismissed that with a “maybe:” and told me that now she was busy and if I wanted her to have time and energy to pull a marble later, I needed to help her out.

I did.

At night, she came into the room, undressed herself and went to bed.

“Marbles,” she said extending her open hand, palm up, demanding.

I took the container of marbles, hoping against hope that a RED marble would come, but  she proceeded to change a RED marble to GREEN because of my workout (which I had not mentioned to see if she would pull a marble before counting the workout) and now my odds were at 70% GREEN.

She pulled a marble in secret and asked me what color I thought it was.

“Green,” I said.

“Is that wishful thinking?” V asked, not noticing my resigned tone.


“Here,” she said, tossing me a bottle of lotion. “You are going to get the privilege of rubbing my feet.”

As I rubbed her feet and thought about how true it was that it was my privilege, she showed me the GREEN marble she had pulled and we went over the rules of the game again. V asked me what would happen to the green marble that she pulled and I explained that it would go back to the container so we always maintain a total of 10. She asked me what would happen if any marbles that were “used” remained out of play, and I explained that we could do that, but it would change the odds, so we should look into the way of adding marbles as well. Then she said that after I “scored” tonight, I would have less interest in working out, but if I worked out twice more, my chances of drawing GREEN would be at 100% and we “couldn’t have that”.

She suggested that we reset the count every week and I mentioned my idea of cutting down to one green marble for each day of the week that I worked out. At first she misunderstood and thought that the number of beads would not change, but I clarified that if I worked out 5 days in a row, 100% of the marbles would be green, but they would reset to 5 (for a 50% again).

“You only worked out 3 times this week,” she asked. “How would it work?”

“I’ll have 3 GREEN marbles and 7 RED”.

“No,” she said. “I don’t like it. I’ll have to keep track of how many times you work out during the week, and I don’t want to count.”

I was about to suggest that I can keep the count for her when her math processor brain came up with a solution that had escaped me even after all the thought I had given to the matter.

“Every Sunday,” she said. “I will open the container and remove 5 GREEN marbles. If you’ve been a good boy and worked out all week, it will bring you back down to 50%, but if you have been bad, you will go down to less than that.”

I was about to protest, but some quick mental math told me that I could be up for more denial than I originally expected, so I kept my peace.

She, on the other hand, was not ready to give it up.

“I’m going to add marbles to the container,” she said. “I need 8 of each instead of 5”.


“Because even if you work out on all 7 days of the week, you still get the chance to draw a RED marble”.

So, we finally settled on this: Every Sunday, V will remove 7 GREEN marbles (or all of them, if there are less than 7) from the container and replace them with RED ones. I will begin on Monday with those odds.

“Well,” she said after I said okay. “Today is Sunday, so do it.”

I had mixed feelings about taking my 70% GREEN container and changing it to 19% GREEN (18.75, actually). I didn’t know the number at the moment, but it looked pretty awful with just 3 GREEN marbles in a sea of 13 RED ones. She must have seen my confused face, because she asked me what the matter was, and I said that the odds looked really low.

She smiled and said “You asked for it.”

And you know what? I’m glad I did.

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