Friday, December 27, 2013

A threesome (not) in my future

Christmas came and went, and I did not get my wish of getting a chastity belt.

That doesn't mean that nothing interesting happened. Miss said, for the first time in my memory that there was a woman that was so hot, that she would not mind having a threesome with me. She said that in front of her kids, who started to laugh and joke when she said that the woman was Shakira.

If you don't know who this petite hot Latina singer performer is, check this video where she performs with Beyonce. Two of the hottest performers, in my opinion. My favorite part is in the last minute or so, when they exchange roles and you have both performing together as one and then as the other... Seeing Beyonce twisting her hips with Shakira is so HOT, it must be illegal somewhere...

Anyway, this is never going to happen, but it was so hot to hear my wife telling people that I would be allowed to be with another woman if that woman was Shakira. She later repeated that in private, when I was looking for a video to embed here.

"Oh, my God", she told me just a minute ago, "I love her!"

I so horny right now... Not that I will ever have a threesome, much less with Shakira, but it is still so hot that even though I know my wife is pushing my buttons, it still works.

So, among other things, I gave my wife a necklace with a heart shaped key for Christmas. No, not THE KEY, but I wanted to see what her reaction would be, after we had talked about chastity belts and keys and all.

She said she loved it, and whispered in my ear that she knew I meant the key to my chastity. I asked her if I would get my wish fulfilled and she said she didn't know, using a tone that implied a strong reluctance, so I need to lay off the chastity belt for a while. At least the idea is there, where it can slowly work its way through her rationalization... like taking me from behind orgasm denial did.

I was about to say like taking me with a strapon did, but that one took me by surprise, because she accepted it the first time I mentioned it. Orgasm denial, on the other hand, was a little hard for her to accept (or to accept that I would accept it, more likely) but now, there is no sex that happens unless she wants it, and she has not been afraid to just make me stop after she's done.

If only she would awaken to the power of the physical tease... but that's the next stage, I hope.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I asked for it...


Two nights ago I was browsing the web for some panties that say "spank me" in the back.I have been thinking of getting a pair and wearing them on Christmas Eve, and I was checking some of my options. Since most of them are made for women, I don't know exactly what size will fit me.

Well, I fell asleep while browsing and was awakened by my wife grabbing my penis and biting on my neck.

"Is that what you want?" she asked.

I groaned when I opened my eyes and saw the screen. It was a pair of black panties with "Spank Hard" written on white letters. I told her that it was supposed to be a surprise, which she didn't believe, of course, because who would do something like leave a computer on with what was clearly meant to be a request on screen? No one would think of using THAT method to veil a request (end sarcasm).

Anyway, she turned me over and spanked me with the kitchen spatula I bought for her. She spanked me several times, then turned me over and sucked my penis for a bit. Then she turned me around again and spanked me some more. She asked me if I already have her Christmas gift ready. When I said no, she spanked me. She asked me if I was going to get it ready, when I said yes, she spanked me anyway and said "Good!". In summary, she spanked me quite a bit more than she has ever done, and for the first time ever, I got close to ask her to stop. Then she teased me about my penis being as red as my ass and asked why was it dripping if I knew I wasn't getting any. That only made it grow stiffer, of course, and then she wished me a good night and went to sleep.


Last night, while I was edging myself, I went beyond the edge and I came. This morning, of course, as my luck would have it, for the first time in a week, my wife wanted me to perform for her and she drew a GREEN marble out of the container, which meant I got to come.

She told me she was making sausages for breakfast and thought about me.

"I don't normally think about your penis when I eat sausages", she said. "So it must mean that I have not gotten any in too long."

I managed to get an erection long enough to give her an orgasm, but it failed shortly after. I was a bit embarrassed, and didn't want my wife to think that I didn't want her, especially since I have not officially ejaculated in almost three weeks, so I confessed. She took it pretty well, said that it was only natural and that I seemed to be more frustrated than her about the whole thing.

"I had my fun, after all,"she said.

I kind of wanted her to be a little more upset, so I could ask for a chastity belt, but she seemed very casual about the matter, which gave me pause. Then she told me to get up, make her breakfast and go outside and bring the groceries from the car. It was cold outside, so I would have to dress warmly.

"Oh, and come over here," she said before I got dressed. She gave me a single hard spank. "This is for cheating on me with yourself, and that green marble you got today? It doesn't go back into the container. You lost if for failing me."

When i came back from the car, and she was eating her breakfast, I told her that I wanted a chastity belt. She answered a little disbelieving, but left a door open by asking "how does that even work?". I said I'd show her, and pulled my laptop, where I already had two chastity devices selected for her to choose, but when I was about to show her, the computer decided to do an automatic update and restart. (hate these automatic updates, and why didn't it happen at 0300 hours as it is supposed to do?) so I could not show her. She could not wait. because it was time to go to work. I asked her if I could show her on my phone and she said that I could if i found it fast.

I showed the two devices shown here:

She said that this was the strangest thing that I had ever shown her and had several questions:
  • Why are they all metal?
  • Wasn't this supposed to be a belt?
  • Wouldn't these be very cold?
  • Do you wear these all the time?
  • What if I have the key and I don't see you all week (like last week?) does that mean you have to wear it all week?
  • Wouldn't it become all green and stinky?
I did my best to answer the questions in the limited time she had before she had to leave. Of course, I don't have perfect answers to all the questions, since I have never had one of these devices, but I did what I could.

She said that she had to go, but that she needed to ask me for two things. One was to go shopping for the groceries that she could not get the night before, and use them to make dinner.

"That's one thing?" I asked jokingly.

She said yes. The other one was to clean the living room, put everything in its place, clean the dining room, the kitchen and do all the dishes (of which there is a mountain). I don't know if the second one is that much because I questioned the first one, or she had planned to ask me to do everything, but here I am, getting ready to clean the whole thing. She even told me that I could not ask my son to help, because he had helped her yesterday and it would be unfair, so I have to do the whole thing myself.

I'm not complaining. The last thing I want to do is try to get those pesky little ones to do anything. I prefer cleanup to supervising children cleaning up. Plus, when I clean up, Ms V usually feels very generous afterwards.

Anyway, back to the chastity device thing, I don't know what Ms. V will decide, but the cat is now out of the box, and I have asked for it. The important thing is that the worst thing that can happen is that she say no. She didn't get offended or anything. She actually told me that I may get to please her again tonight, if I'm lucky. 

I'm sure we'll get to talk about this some more.