Monday, October 6, 2014

The reason for my silence...

This is probably the worst news I have shared here so far.

Miss V is suffering from horrible pelvic floor pain, apparently caused by a previously undetected lession she got in one of her pregnancies and has been told that the condition will be permanent, The current effort is to manage the symptoms.

This means no sex... (possibly forever)

With this, her desire has dissappeared, and her interest in all things sexual.

The most important thing right now is to help her recover, It is being hard on both of us. On me because of the dual reality that on the one hand I desire her as much as always, but she feels disinclined to do things for me because it is her understanding that I "like being horny" (Talk about backfiring). On the other hand, it is painful to see her suffering and being unable to do simple things that she would take for granted. Please note that this is no old woman by any measure, but still in her mid 30's.

I suffer from back pains due to an old injury and every once in a while I have a flare-up that sometimes can be incapacitating. However, it is one thing to know that if I rest for a couple days and take my meds, I'll be up again and a totally different thing altogether to be given no hope. The various doctors (and now pain specialists and therapists) that she is seeing are telling her that she will not recover because her problem was supposed to have been taken care of back when she had the baby 14 years ago and her tissues will not heal.

So, as far as the topic of this blog is concerned, all activity has ceased, and I am now in a not-by-choice sexless relationship.

I will post something if and when the situation changes. For now, I need to go focus on helping her and making sure she recovers as much as she possibly can.

Thank you all for reading.