Friday, November 30, 2012

Submissive = Lazy and Demanding?

I saw this comic recently that made me think.

From what I can gather around the web, it seems that in many cases, the critique doesn't fall too far from reality. For the most part this does not apply to the blog writers, because the mere fact that they take the time to do something like write a blog indicate that they are not lazy (demanding, maybe), but some of the people that comment in some of them blogs... aww man! Totally accurate!

Ms. Rika referred to these "submissives" as just wanting to get off, and not real submissives, and sometimes I'm like that. Right now I finished all the tasks that Miss V texted me that I should do if I want a green marble (yes, we are still playing the game, and I'm loving it), but all I can think off is being tied up, spanked and/or fucked. Yes, I know... I totally deserve to be punished for it.

As far as other news from around here, here is a summary:
  •  As mentioned above, we are still playing the game. After 7 days of not having sex, I got a free-pass for an orgasm on Thanksgiving.
  • Miss V only gives me extra marble earning tasks if I ask for them. She wants me to ask for the opportunity to serve her, which works for me. The other day I told her that I was short on green marbles and she said "I know, but you can always text me to ask for chores, you know?" So that's how it is now. I have to ask to serve. I think she figured that since I'm asking, that means I'm in the mood. This wife of mine is a smart cookie.
  • I talked to her of the difference of being "denied" vs "not having sex" I explained that if she doesn't make me please her, or brings me to the edge, it is not really denial, but just not having sex, which is not a turn on.
  • Yesterday, she made me beg her to have sex with me, even though she pulled a red marble, and then she consented, had two orgasms and then told me to go to sleep. It was great.
  • For the most part, I have not seen Miss V for several days, because she is working late.
And that's that. Nothing earth-shattering around here. I think we are on a plateau of progress, but at lest we are not regressing. I have to be patient and continue with the plan, because so far, it's been working.

Oh, and the comic above can be found at

Thanks for reading.