Friday, May 24, 2013

"Good to know..."

Just like the first time we played our orgasm denial game with the marbles, I have been denied for 10 days. (that time it was 11). For the first few days, Miss V was on her period and she didn't tease me or anything, but after that, she had taken the baton and has gotten 4 orgasms to my none.

Today, she pulled me over, made me put my leg between hers and rubbed herself against me.

"Are you horny?" she asked.

"Yes," I answered, of course.

"Good to know," she said, pulling away and leaving. "I have to go to work, but it is good to know."

She is about to get home again, and I'm hoping for a GREEN marble. The scary part is that there is the new BLACK (it's actually blue, for now) marble that can give me a full week of tease and denial. I want that one to come out, but not when I have had 10 days of pure RED marbles...

We'll see what comes out tonight.

Now, I have to go work out.


I did work out and switched another marble from RED to GREEN. It's looking like a lot of GREEN in the container, but still she drew a RED one... She said she wanted a foot rub and a back rub, and told me that "it needed to be a good one, because I had gotten a RED marble." When I asked for clarification, she explained that sometimes when I'm looking forward to sex, my massages are too short.

I ended up giving her a long foot and back rub, kissing her feet and her bottom repeatedly in the process. Now she sleeps, and I am horny as hell. How does she keep drawing RED marbles?

Well, tomorrow is another day (number 11)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yesterday's RED Marble

I arrived from work a little late, and Miss V was already gone. I had been home for a while when I saw it, but it was on my bed. It was a single RED marble. I thought it was a joke of some kind, because V has never pulled a marble out when I'm not present, so I took a picture and sent her a message asking her if the marble was for real.
Bad quality (light was poor) but it's a RED marble...

Her reply: Awwww, poor baby!

When she came back home, she asked me what I was going to do.

"Whatever you say," I said as she took her shoes and pants off.

"That's right," she said laying on the bed with her laptop and pointing to her feet. I don't know why, but this by itself gave me an instant erection. I guess it is because it had been a while since she ordered me to do something by pointing with her finger, something I find extremely dominant.

I got into bed with her, reversed to her position and began to massage her left foot, interspersing kissing and licking. While I did that, she just worked on her computer, totally ignoring me. She only interrupted me twice, once to tell me that I needed to continue massaging her (I had gotten too involved with the licking part) and another when she wanted me to switch to the right foot. This she did by lifting her foot and putting it on my nose. It was kind of humiliating, and my penis throbbed as I complied with her unspoken commands. She could see it very well, because it was throbbing right next to her (I was naked)

After she finished working on her laptop, she simply pulled her feet away from me, covered herself with the blanket and told me she was done, good night, thank you very much.

She didn't touch my penis at all, or say a thing, but I felt deliciously teased, because I had a powerful erection the whole time. I felt frustrated when she just went to sleep, just like I like it.

The only thought I have is about her pulling the marble out before I came home. She's never done that before, and it makes me wonder if she really pulled the marble randomly or she intentionally got a RED one. I'm fine either way, but curious.

Actually, it would be better for me if she "cheated", because this means that she decided to be selfish and deny me. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Marbles

Like I said in the last post, we'll be playing marbles again.
The marbles that control my fate...

I've decided that little is better than none, and asked my wife, V to begin playing with orgasm denial again. She accepted quite readily, except that she wouldn't start until tomorrow. She allowed me to start earning beads on Sunday (yesterday) though, so I already have one.

I asked her if she was going to start at 50% (8 GREEN - 8 RED) or at 0% (0 GREEN - 16 RED) and she decided to go 50%, so now I have 9 and 7 (when earning a GREEN marble, it takes the place of a RED one.

V told me her pans for tomorrow and after describing several things she has to do on her last day at work, she said "then I'll come home, draw a marble and either have sex with myself while you watch, or have sex with you". Little friend was up in attention immediately.

"Oh, how cute!" she said, pointing at my flamboyant erection as she seductively changed into work clothes. "I know what you want, and you ain't getting any."

Boy, I've missed her teasing!

You might see a few marbles of a different color in the picture. Those are new additions to this year's game. There are three gold marbles and a dark blue marble, which is supposed to be black, but when coloring a marble black it came dark green, because of the glass and will be hard to distinguish from the green ones, so I temporarily assigned a dark blue one in it's place.

Here is the explanation of the marbles and their corresponding rules. The RED and GREEN marbles continue to mean the same, but I'm mentioning them here in case you don't know:


There are a number of different color marbles in a container. Each day I meet the conditions established by V, a green marble is deposited in the container and a red one is taken out. If I don't meet her conditions, the opposite happens, a red one in, a green one out. The proportion of colored marbles in the container, indicates my chances to have an orgasm. On a day when I add a red marble I definitely have no chance of having an orgasm and V can do with me as she pleases (including making me give her one orgasm or many). On a day when I earn a GREEN marble, V gets the choice of whether she wants sex or not, but instead of automatically allowing me to have an orgasm, she will draw a marble from the container. Green means "GO" and Red means "NO". Any limitations imposed by the marbles work only for me, not for her. She can always have as many orgasms as she pleases.


How to get it: At the beginning of the game, there will be 8 GREEN marbles in the container. Every day that I meet the conditions that V sets for the day, I get to add one (and remove a RED one). Every Sunday, there is a reset, and 5 GREEN marbles are turned into RED.

What it does: Whenever V draws a GREEN marble, I will be allowed to have an orgasm. V selects the time and the manner of this orgasm.


How to get it: At the beginning of the game, there will be 8 RED marbles in the container. Every day that I don't meet the conditions that V sets for the day, I have to add one (and remove a GREEN one). Every Sunday, there is a reset, and 5 GREEN marbles are turned into RED.

What it does: Whenever V draws a RED marble, I will not be allowed to have an orgasm. V then can ask for an alternative activity that ensures her enjoyment while leaving me denied.


How to get it: If and when the container gets to 100% GREEN marbles, I can, with V's approval, use 5 of them to "purchase" a GOLD marble. (5 RED marbles will be added in place of the 5 GREEN ones spent to maintain the total or RED and GREEN at 16) Since GOLD marbles are extras, you can have any number of them in the container at a time, but only one can be 'purchased' when the container fills.

What it does: Whenever V draws a GOLD marble, treat it as a GREEN marble, except that I get a prize from a list that I will maintain for this purpose. If the list is empty or no prize available is acceptable to V, the GOLD marble will just be treated like a GREEN one. Also, if a prize is more elaborate or require resources not available at the moment, the prize can be postponed to the next suitable opportunity. Once a GOLD marble has been drawn, it is out of the game.


How to get it: A unique BLACK marble will be added to the game. It will always be present in the container, representing a low, but constant risk.

What it does: Whenever V draws the BLACK marble, a period of denial will occur. These period of denial will be defined by duration, or by a certain pre-requisite that needs to be fulfilled by me before it can be over. During the period when the BLACK marble is in play, no other marbles can be drawn and any sexual activity will assume a RED marble. I will always maintain a list of at least 5 options for V to chose from or she can always make her own.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

(Even) Another Attempt

Things have become incredibly busy in our home. My full time job continues to be as demanding as usual, but now V has two jobs. Her freelancing job continues to thrive and she has continuous work until at lest September, even if she doesn't get any additional calls between now and then. I think I can say that this is a great blessing at a time when many people are without jobs. Her day job will be over in a week, and she already has another one lined up for after the summer (I think she starts in August) so no unemployment in our household.

These blessings have not come without a price however, and that price has been in our FLR efforts. Since V has been so busy, and our hours mostly non-compatible, I was not seeing enough of her and abstinence was becoming the norm. I stopped working out and we talked about the situation and we decided to call it quits with the orgasm denial. I could not afford to be denied in the once a week time I saw her. We have not played since January until now (May). I thought it was a lost cause and I'd never go back to play, and even took matters into my own hand a couple of times (or a little bit more) until now. Yeah, I know. Pessimist me taking over, like it tends to happen whenever I'm low on sexual stimulation. The worst part is that she asked me twice during this time if I wanted to play again and I refused


Let me explain. I was not rude or anything, I said something like this: "Honey, I love to play. I love it when you have control of my orgasms, but right now, I don't see you enough, and if I see you once in two weeks, and you deny me that one day, I'm not going to be getting anything that I need. No denial, because it is so rare, and no sex either, so instead, I'll get the worst of both worlds."

She understood. (I think)

Now, after having a period where Handy has given me more orgasms than V, I feel the lack of fulfillment again. It always comes back, that depressing feeling that keeps saying that everything is worthless and that there is nothing I can do to help it. Anyway, out of desperation I texted her with a request: "Would you play marbles with me again?"

She answered that she would, but not until her contract with her day job expired. I asked when does it expire and she said that her last day is Tuesday, May 14 and that we could begin again on that very same day.

I don't know how it's going to be, or anything, but I feel grateful that she's still willing to do this.

Next time I saw her, was the day after the messages, and after saying hello, she said "So, you are going to start working out again, eh?

I answered in the affirmative and added, "and anything else you may want".

So, here I am, getting ready to go to work (Sunday night work... yay... how exciting... ho-hum) while she is working (double ho-hum) and also wondering how we are going to do this. She seems to think that we will have more time and I have my doubts, but there is nothing I could do unless I decide to save forget the whole thing.

I need this thing and will have to resign myself to get whatever she is willing to give.

So this is another shot... another chance to get this moving in the right direction. I wonder how far we have fallen and how quickly we can recover. I need to be specially attentive and obedient in the first few weeks so she regains whatever confidence she may have lost.

I have two new colors of marbles that I want to introduce, and this might be a good time. She has hinted before at wanting to add other colors but not knowing what to do with them so I will be making an additional post here to describe them.

Now, I wish myself Good Luck...