Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday's Denial


It was a lazy Sunday for everyone in the family. We didn't do much, except that I made sure to work out, but it ended up not counting, because V reset the count to 1, as she promised. 1 Green and 15 red, that is how my week began...

V made i clear during the day that she was going to get some this night. It was not overtly sexual, but she snuck a kiss here, a nudge there and was generally in a sexy mood all day long. We had visitors, so she told me that she wanted to "go to bed as soon as they left". I am bad at code, so I had to ask her if she meant to sleep. "Go to bed," she repeated. Silly me finally got it.

When the last visitor left, I immediately went to the bedroom (V had retired a few minutes earlier) and found her in bed already. She asked me to make sure any left over food was put away and that the girls took their showers. I quickly did as instructed, of course, being "under the influence" if V's spell, and returned to the bedroom.

When I came back, it was clear to me that V was naked under the covers. She pointed towards my side of the bed and I quickly went around her. I sleep on the far side, next to the windows, while V prefers the side which is closer to the door. I said something I don't remember, and V pointed at the bed with her index finger.

I followed her finger and saw on my side of the bed, a single red marble.

"No talking," she said in a tone that made me smile. "This is what you got tonight, which is not unexpected after your bad behavior last week, so take your clothes off now."

I was trembling like a wet chiwawa as I took my clothes off. I could not believe that she was being so dominant! For all I know, she may have picked up the red marble intentionally, which would be a sweet development. Otherwise, I don't know why she would have pulled the marble while I was away. One way or another, I took it like a man and took my clothes off.

"Now, come here and do me," she said and when she noticed that my erection hardened a little, she laughed and repeated it. "Do me, baby, do me now!"

By the time she said it the third time, I was hard, inside her, doing as I was told and she was not laughing anymore.

I did her for a surprisingly long time. I was expecting that I would not last long and would have to stop myself, but I didn't have to. I rode her long and hard, all the time wanting to make her enjoy it so much that she would want me again and again. I thought she had three orgasms before she told me that it was time to stop, but her tone was weak, her previous dominance gone altogether and I admit that I was tempted to ignore her command and just go on. Luckily I didn't fall for temptation and allowed her to push me out.

"Good night," she said softly. "I hope you sleep well."

I got closer to the source of my pleasure and cuddled with her until I finally was able to sleep.

This was day 7 since my last orgasm and I have only one green marble in the container. I'm a little scared, I admit, but also excited and motivated. As a tool to make me work out this is priceless. I only hope that V doesn't decide that I should always be in chastity. The first week, I ended up with 12 Green marbles and she reset it to 5, the second week, I had only two, and she left me only one, and that was out of pity, she said.

Have I created a monster?


  1. I admire you for staying hard and not cumming.

    Did you sleep well?


    1. Well, before you admire me too much, wait for the next post.

      Actually, It took me a little while, but I slept well.