Friday, November 21, 2014

Asking for a Trade

Before leaving for work this morning, I left this note for my sleeping beauty:

I want to propose a trade. You give me a hand that I need very much, and I'll give you ____________________ (fill the blank).  Love U.

Go ahead, take advantage. You know I will do anything I can possibly do.

When I returned from work, I looked for the note, hiping toi find a response, but knowing that cxhances were low. It was not where I left it, and I checked around the floor to make sure it had not accidentally dropped. I found the note face down beneath some school permission slip or something, but the blank was not filled... Bummer...

Later, I approached her from behind in the kitchen and kissed her neck. I whispered in her ear how much I want her and she said "I know, I'm thinking on what to get on your trade. I want it to be something really evil..."

"Go right ahead," I said. "You know I like it when I have to pay a price."

Then she started to walk away and told me that perhaps she will have me fix my car (it's an old clunker we never use but she would like the idea of having it available for me to run errands) and my son's car (another clunker he bought himself, but won't fix because he can barely afford gas). My son's car will be easier to fix than mine, so I'll probably tackle that one first and then use it (and my son) to get the things I'm going to need to work on mine.

This is fair market value for a hand job nowadays, right? I've been out of the marketplace for a while, so I don't know...

But hey, people like me are not precisely looking for fair exchanges... I was glad that even though she is recovering from surgery and has not been able to have sex for so long now, she still recognizes that she has the long end of the stick when it comes to the symmetry of our relationship (or the lack thereof).

I don't know how much longer it will be before she can have sex again, but I better prepare for it to last long, because in six months she'll have to undergo another surgery, and a possible third one 6 months after. I'm planning on asking for trades every week so she can get at least some benefit while I get some attention as well.

The downside of it all is that I can't please her sexually. I am thinking perhaps with a vibrator, one of the ones that are used from the outside (not penetrative) but I really don't know much about this, so if any reader (if I still have any) can give me ideas, I'm all ears.

So, tomorrow I think I'm getting a hand job from Miss V. She is not a big fan of hand jobs, and with reason, since they are not pleasurable for her, so what she does, is she starts with oral, until she hears me panting in a way that suggests to her that I'm close to having my orgasm or until her jaw tires. At that time, she pours some lotion on her hands (or sometimes pours the cold thing directly on my hot penis) and gets to it, I don't know exactly, but my guess is that by first going down on me, she cuts the time it takes for me to reach my orgasm by about half.

I'll probably post some more after I find out what the price of this hand job is going to be.

Now, be quiet you all, and don't tell her that she could get away with me fixing the cars even if she denied me... Hell, especially if she denied me.

I will tell her after... I'm too horny now.

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