Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pain in the Ass

Surprisingly, My rear end is in pain today.

Being super horny after having multiple fantasies, but trying to avoid further temptation, I send a text message to Miss V where I asked her if she would use the strap on on me or give me a spanking. She answered with a simple "Yes", which left me dubious of what she had just agreed to and upset at the nature of compound questions.

Well, she had told me she would be home at 8 pm, which is really early for her job, and that she should not be tired, so I decided to be prepared for both eventualities and let it be. I know she dislikes being "pestered", so I avoided that.

I prepared myself, meaning that I cleansed well, inside and out, and cleaned the strap on dildo, which had not been used in a while, so it was a bit dusty.

When she arrived, she told me she had to do some computer work, and asked if we could watch a couple episodes of one of her shows. I was not about to say no to that, not when a spanking or a strap-on session awaited, but fortunately, the show was one that I also like. We watched two episodes, and then she asked me if i had prepared for what was to come. So, the strap-on it was.

She bid farewell to the kids, and asked me to do something, which I don't even remember, and to then meet her in the room.

When I got there, she was holding the silicone dildo and the harness and told me that she had forgotten how to set it up. She handed it over for me to set up. The irony didn't escape me that I was assembling the weapon she was about to use on me. Once I installed the barrel on the gun, I handed it back to her, and she put it on, clearly showing that she had not forgotten that part. Then she brought is over and placed it next top my already erect, but significantly smaller tool. She likes to do that. To bring her purple toy next to my flesh and blood one and touch them together. This time she didn't mention the fact that I'm a couple inches shorter than she.

Then she lubricated it.

"There," she said, spreading a towel over the bed.

I stood on  the side of the bed, my legs spread wide and leaned over it, so she could take me from behind, but then she slapped my ass with the silicone spatula. I think I've mentioned it before, but it hurts! It is not a thud, but a burning swat. She spanked me three or four times then asked me if I got it.

"Got what?" I asked. Foolish me...

For answer, all I got was a rapid succession of slaps with the spatula. I was expecting anal play, not a spanking, and it was not nice, but it made me feel her power, so I submitted to it.

"Got it now?" she asked. 

This time, I rapidly said yes.

She put the spatula to the side and entered me with the dildo. By now it was a little dry, so I asked her if she could lubricate it some more. She did and it entered gloriously.

She took me hard and long, the hardest and longest she's ever taken me. While she did me, she also hit me with the spatula, but since she was occupying some of the area where I am usually spanked, her impacts had to be mostly to the sides. After a while, I had a cramp on my leg and asked if we could switch positions, to which she responded that she thought that I was on a roll. I consented to remain bent over, but lifted my left leg over and rested it on the bed's side beam. She thought I had done this to allow her access to my penis, and crossing her right arm under mine, she grabbed it. Then she got closer and started to fuck me slow, while playing with my penis, squeezing my left nipple with her other hand and biting my neck. She did this for a while, and it was the best sensation I've ever had from anal play in my life (granted, not a lot of anal experience here).

When she grew tired, I asked again if I could turn around and she said yes. I laid face up, my ass at the edge of the bed and she entered me from there. This time I could look at her as she went inside and out of me. It was a sublime experience, to see her move, not as mechanically as I've seen her before, but with a fluid, sinuous movement that appeared real (I think, I have never seen someone with a real penis entering me).

I finished with a very strong orgasm. A lot of fluid came out in several spurts.

Her business done, she pulled out and started to clean herself.

I could not move, my muscles were locked into place and she had to help me get up. Later she told me to get her water, and that this had been a great workout.  I couldn't agree more.

So, that's the story behind the pain I feel in my abused asshole today. There is barely any redness on the cheeks, because the spanking was not severe enough, but my ass did take some punishment. 

I love this woman.

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