Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm in Chastity!!!

"I need to  take a long, nice bath, said V getting up from the couch where we had been watching TV together. "After, we can talk about your, uh, metal toys. I need you to explain them to me, because I don't get it".

With  that, she went to the bathroom, leaving me hung up with surprise at the fact that she had been the one to breach the subject, We had not spoken about the device because our schedules had not allowed us time together for the past few days,

My mind was racing at top speed as I carefully considered how to frame my explanation, I decided to go in the direction of simplicity, and use the one rule I wrote about elsewhere. In case you have not read that article, here is the one rule:


The male wants to earn an orgasm and is willing to do as much as he can to please his woman in order to earn it. The woman wants the male to strive for his orgasm and wants to delay it as much as possible to enjoy the benefits.

So, there I was, all ready and excited and horny (have not had sex in a while now) and my wife bringing the subject up.

After she finished in the bathroom, and it really took a long time, I joined her in the room. She was busy with stuff from work, and I waited... and waited.

When I felt that I was about to fall asleep, I asked her if she was almost done, to which she said no, and asked me if I needed anything.

"I thought you wanted to talk about my chastity,"I answered in as casual a voice as I could muster. 

"Oh, yes,"she said. asking me to wait one minute for her to finish something, and then asking, "So, explain this  game to me, I don't get it, What do you want to play?" 

"Well," I said. "It's simple, I want you to have control, and acknowledge that you have it, which you will do by locking me in the device and keeping control of the key. I want to have orgasms, and to treat you in a way that makes you want to get me out of the cage and let me have them."

Of course, when I was saying it, it didn't sound as clear as this, There were much hesitation, and circular conversation.

"I don't like it.., The marbles game was so much easier,"she said referring to the old chastity game we used to play. "In that game, I knew exactly what the rules were, and knew what to do, On this game, I'm not so sure. I'm not a gamer, so I can;t make rules up, so you have to give me something clearer than that,:

I paused, thinking that the opportunity was slipping through my fingers. What to say? What rules could I give her? If I control the game, than I'm not under her control, right?

"I think," I said after a long pause, "I'm going to have to think some more about it."

"Well," she said. "Maybe this will motivate you to think, The condition for the lock to be open is going to be that you give me a well thought set of clear rules for you to follow. You are going to be locked up until you give me that",

I gasped. I could not believe what I was hearing. I was going to be in chastity even though I had botched my opportunity to introduce it properly, and Miss V was making the decision!

I asked her if she wanted me to be locked right away and she said "Of course!"

"I really, really want you," I said. "Can I get a hand job before you lock me up?" 

She looked at me for an instant, and I knew she was considering it. She was on a trip and arrived in her cycle, so we have not been intimate for quite some time, but the moment didn't last, She smiled and said "No". 

"Maybe on Saturday," she said afterwards. 

We talked a little bot about logistics, about cleaning the device, about what to do in case of emergency (cut the lock) and about it being difficult to put on when aroused (which I was, very much) and then I went to take a shower. 

I struggled with the device but eventually managed to get into it, When I came out of the bathroom, holding it through my bathrobe, Miss V was sitting on the couch, so I walked there.

"The other way, mister,"she said. "Go to your room,"

I went to the room and she followed. Then she placed the lock on the device, and clicked it shut.

"Bye bye birdie,"she said kissing the key and putting it into her necklace. "You are going to be locked for a long time,"

So, here I am now, locked in chastity for the first time, leaking precum all over the place, with a bit if homework to do and wondering how it ends...


  1. You must be so excited that she said she is going to keep you locked for a long time. Sounds like she is ready to keep you in chastity.


    1. That's an understatement, FD!

      I am so happy I just cleaned the kitchen unasked. Miss V comes late from work tonight, and i will probably be asleep, so my first day of locked chastity is basically over. Barring the chastity device causing me problems, I don't think she will allow me out of it at least until saturday. She is still in her cycle, and she'll be very busy for the next two days.