Sunday, August 26, 2012

Progress in Vacation

We have been away for a while, disconnected from the Internet and the stress of every day work.

We were travelling out of state, visiting some relatives of ours. We had fun (in a quiet, relaxing way) and are now back home to our day-to-day routines.

In terms of our relationship, there are several highlights to this vacation:

  1. I took my marbles with me, which was good, because V was very willing to continue our game, even at someone else's house.
  2. The odds were low, because we spent a few days on the road and those earned me red marbles.
  3. I ended up drawing marbles 4 times, and only one came green, so I only had one orgasm during our trip, while I had intercourse 4 times (and was teased more than that). The one orgasm was terrific.
  4. I made another confession to V about my secret fantasies. I think this deserves a post of its own and will leave it at that for now. For now I will say that she is actually thinking about it.
  5. V literally ordered me to make her breakfast in front of my sister, and not only that, but she said "and make your sister whatever she wants to eat." I ended up cooking for the both of them while they relaxed by the bar. My sister was not too surprised by my wife asking (her husband helps around the house a lot, although he is not submissive, as far as I can tell) but she was timid when telling me what she wanted to eat. I ended up making the same breakfast for both. 
After I had my lone vacation orgasm, I could not sleep. I was still awake when V got up at 5:00 am, super tired, but too excitable to fall asleep. We both think that it may be because of the change in hormones after the orgasm, but we are not sure. I hope this does not become a problem, because it may limit my ability to have orgasms on a working day, and even though I crave denial, I still want my orgasms.

Another thing that has happened is that V is starting to use her decision power over the marbles, which was one of my goals when introducing the game. She did this in a few ways during our vacation:

  1. One day, she gave me something additional to do, under the promise that if I did, I could get 2 green marbles in the container instead of one. I did as she told me, of course.
  2. On one of the red marble days, I was penetrating her with great intent when she told me that she was already satisfied, but that I had a choice, I could keep going until orgasm if I "paid" (gave up) 3 green marbles (leaving only one in the container) or I could stop myself whenever I felt I was about to come and keep my count intact. It was a very hard decision (pun intended) because my denial days were at 7 or 8, but I remembered the last time my marbles were all red and it took 10 days for a green one to come up, so I stopped myself. She patted me on the head and said "Good Boy! Something good will come out of it, you'll see" 
  3. The next morning, two marbles came out of the container when she  shook it, one green and one red. She decided to pick the green one because "it would have come first" even though I could see the red one on her hand before the green one fell. That was my only orgasm all vacation, so I didn't protest.
  4. She ordered me to do three things in the morning and noticed I was less than enthusiastic at the idea, so she added that I would do these three things or she would change all my marbles to red. I looked at her and she smiled and said. "Now, THAT called your attention, eh? What are you going to do today?" After I repeated the three tasks back to her, she laughed out loud and and said "This is great!"
I love it when she uses her power over me like that and strive to obey her whenever she does, to encourage her and help her gain confidence in her ability to get her way with me by exercising erotic power.

Stay tuned for a description of our latest discussion, coming soon...

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