Tuesday, August 20, 2013

12 Reasons I want Orgasm Control

For a while now, I have had it clear in my mind that I want to surrender my sex life to my wife. I often wonder and perhaps speculate about the reasons for this, somewhat unconventional desire, but have never come to a concrete conclusion. Recently, while enjoying some time off, I had time to think about why I want orgasm control and came up with a list of 12 reasons. Here I present them in the order they came to mind, which may or may not follow a logical pattern. Perhaps I will offer a brief discussion of each in future posts and will link to them from here.

  1. Being under erotic control is – well, erotic
  2. When obtained, the orgasm is deeper and more intense
  3. It creates harmony in the relationship
  4. The ‘tease’ part of ‘tease & denial’ fills an emotional need for me
  5. It places my princess in a position of power, and I love powerful women
  6. Giving up my favorite hobby is a sacrifice in her honor that allows me to express my devotion
  7. It keeps me in a place of harmony and peace
  8. It prevents my addiction to sex from flaring up
  9. It keeps me in a subdued, more satisfied mode
Some of the thoughts above may seem duplicate (they do even to me right now) but when I thought of them they were perfectly distinct and separate. Maybe I'll change this as time goes by, but for now, here is my list of reasons.
How does it compare to yours, if you care to comment?


  1. I like your list. My list would have many of the same reasons.

    1. Glad to hear from someone!

      I made the list as an exercise to try to understand it myself, and it has helped me focus a little more on what it really means to me.