Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another dose of denial for me

Today, Miss V pulled the BLACK marble again. She drew a card, at random this time, that said: "If there are more GREEN than RED marbles in the container, switch them around, inverting their colors, if not, it means you  need to be punished and lose all your GREEN marbles". So I had 5 GREEN marbles in the container, and now have zero.

She seemed to be very sorry for me, but reminded me that I asked for it, and that it was my game. I told her I accepted it. Then she spanked me HARD. She actually made me complain audibly. She asked me if that hurt and I said yes, then she apologized and I felt miserable, because I didn't want her to stop. I explained that it "hurt good" and that it was what I wanted, but she said that she was afraid she would hurt me (as in cause some damage). I promised her that I would let her know if she was hurting me and she spanked me a couple more times, really hard again, but stopped and said "I can't do it." I thanked her for trying and assured her that I WANT to feel it, and that I would be OK.

Then she made me give her a massage, which led to sex, where I had to stop twice because I came too close to the edge. Finally she had a moderate orgasm and told me that I could stop. I thanked her again, and begged that she take advantage of all the RED marbles that I have now and make me suffer for my choices. She agreed to do that.

Later, when she was getting ready to go take a bath, she was laughing. I asked her what she was laughing about, and she said it was not really laughing, but more like being amused at my misfortune, and then she said

"It's almost February and you have only scored twice!"

"You have not scored that much either," I responded.

"Yes, but more than you,"and she left for her shower, shaking her head in disbelief.

Now, with 16 RED marbles and no GREEN ones, I'm wondering when I will get to come again. Perhaps she will give me a freebie on Valentine's Day.

Because she can.

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