Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Her Confidence in my Denial.

"I'm thinking about you", I text my wife.

She texts a picture back, of her bare foot, the big toe sticking out. "Think some more" she writes.

I do. I love how she chooses a foot as her text tease. One week ago she texted me a picture of her pantied bottom with the caption "I miss you".

I get home with barely enough time to see her, make out a bit in the kitchen and press myself against her to let her know of my horniness level. There are children around, so all she does to indicate that she had noticed is moan a little in my ear, which if course, makes my horniness indicator flare up another notch.

"I'm hoping..." I start as she walks out of the house. She interrupts me.

"Hope all you want,"she says as she closes the door. "But do the dishes".

I'll bet you can guess whether the dishes were done.

I love how her confidence in my denial is growing.


  1. I get so aroused when she makes me do the dishes.

    1. Me too, Mr. Bill. Most of the time I do them without her telling me, and when she tells, its usually a sign that she wants sex and wants to give me the opportunity to increase my chances to get an orgasm. Green marbles are easier to come by on weekdays than on weekends. On Saturdays, it takes a whole list of chores to earn a marble, but on weekdays, doing the dishes (unless there are too few) usually does the trick.