Saturday, October 6, 2012

Teased and Waiting...

After a week of almost no contact, Saturday morning was here, and with it all the horniness of many days of unspent sexual energy. We cuddled in bed for a while, talking of inconsequential matters until Miss V asked for the marbles.

"Let me see what color you get today," she said and proceeded to pull a red marble of the container. "You have bad luck." She said, grabbing my member under the sheets and starting to stroke. "But that's all right, because I'm red too."

I groaned inwardly. The thought that she is unavailable after all these days of wait made me feel as if the world had turned against me, but I made an effort to continue being pleasant, because Miss V is not at fault if the world has a personal vendetta against me, is she? No, it is not easy to keep your perspective and realize that the universe doesn't revolve around your needs when all you are thinking about is sex, but you can always try.

One day, my friends... one day
The warm, soft body against yours and the slow but deliciously evil stroking didn't help, but oh, boy! Were they good!

"What were you planning to do if the marble was green?" I asked.

"I would have screwed you," she said promptly. "But you know what? Maybe I will still screw you later, except that you will not be allowed to cum."

If you have been reading this, you know I have yet to have an orgasm solely from anal stimulation, but every time I've been screwed, it has been on a green marble day, so I have been able to turn the tables on Miss V and finish inside her. I cannot help but wonder how I will feel when this changes.

After that, she ordered me to kiss her breasts, which I did with enthusiasm, and then to bite her neck. As I moved to switch from breasts to neck, she interrupted me.

"Finish one thing before starting the next," she said, and I spent a few more delicious minutes roaming around her chest.

I told her how much I loved to imagine she was forcing me to do such things, to which she said that she was making me do them. I thank her and explained that the reason I got to aroused by her spanking while I kissed her feet was because in my fantasy, she was forcing me to do it. She laughed and told me that the reason I did it was because she made me. I could not tell if she was playing along or she really felt that she had forced me into it. Anyway, it was my first try at the approach I described in my last post HERE.

She told me I had to make her breakfast, and specified what I needed to make her, then said that if I wanted to spent more time with her, I would drive her to her work, because otherwise she would have to leave me earlier so she could catch the bus. Making her breakfast and taking her to work were two vanilla activities, but the way she used me to accomplish them, and the way she assumed that being with her was benefit enough for me to desire to drive her to work, made me feel very submissive.

I accepted eagerly and she said again that she is going to screw me when she comes back. She added this time that if I work out before she comes back, since this is a different day, she may pick a marble again.

So here I am, teased, with many days of denial under my belt (literally, although I'm wearing no belt) and waiting for my princess to come home and take me from behind with her purple dildo...