Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Failures, Lessons and Denial Part 2

NOTE: This post continues the previous post. If you have not read that one, click HERE.

The same day I had my orgasm last week, I failed again. I have no idea why. I just started playing with what should by right be Miss V's toy and before I knew it, bam! I did not expect that it would happen as quickly as it did, because I had just had an orgasm, but somehow it happened.

I believe I have mentioned here that I have been edging every once in a while, but so far, I have mostly avoided getting past the point of no return. I know it was an accident and accidents happen, especially when you walk too close to the cliff, but it still makes me feel miserable. I went back to the bedroom, where V was, with the intention of telling her that I had failed but when I saw her face and she smiled at me, I just couldn't. At that moment I felt small and undeserving of someone such as her, and once again, renewed my purpose of serving and honoring her.

I wonder what would happen if I were to ask her to put me in a device, but I think I have given her enough for now to last a long time and I don;t want to go to far too quick. Besides, I don't know what I'd do if she decides that I need to be denied longer than I find bearable.

After this day, three days passed in which I was not exactly denied, but basically didn't have any contact whatsoever with Miss V. Right now, she is involved in a special project that keeps her away from home late and will last until the end of November, so I'm not seeing much of her during the week.

On Wednesday, she texted me several times while I was at work and told me through her various messages that she missed me, really missed me, and that I needed to make sure I worked out, because she wanted to play a marble that night. She also suggested that I may want to take a nap because she was going to be later than usual.

I did as I was told in terms of working out, although I had no time for a nap before she came home. When she came, she went directly for bed and pulled a marble. It was RED, which I found surprising because I had many more GREEN ones. Seeing the RED marble made me feel a bit of fear, because if I don't get together with Miss V that often, who knows when I will be able to have another orgasm without cheating.

For the RED marble, V asked me to give her a foot massage. I prepared the lotion, and knelt on the bed next to her to massage her feet. As I had hoped, V took the kitchen spatula and smacked my bottom a couple times with it, ordering me to massage her right, but she didn't want to spank me because she was tired.

After the massage, I turned around with the intention of pleasuring her, but she had other plans.

"Now," she said. "I'm going to turn around and sleep. Good night."

And that was that.

The next day, I waited for her again, and when she went to bed, I more or less gave her the marbles, and by that I mean that as we talked about the long day we had, I grabbed the container and placed it in her hand, even though she had not asked for it. She didn't seem to care and we continued our conversation for a while before she shook the container and opened it, pulling a marble from it.

RED again.

This time, she wanted me to take her from behind, in spooning position, with zero foreplay. I did, but soon after  we started, I felt an orgasm building up and V pulled out, leaving me panting.

"I know what you want," she said. "Bad boy!"

I calmed down and asked her if she wanted to continue and she said that my marble had been red and I would not be getting any. She added that I owed her big time, but so far nothing has happened.

I could not help but wonder why I was about to have an orgasm so fast, both when I masturbated and when I was making love to V. I am used to last long enough for V to have two or three orgasms before I either have mine, or have to pull out. I hope this is not a new trend.

So, there you have it. by using V's Toy and by not being able to give her an orgasm when she requested one, I can add two more failures to the list.

And I am still being denied.


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    1. No, I didn't play with her strapon. I was referring to my own penis, which should belong to her and I used for my satisfaction. Looking back at the text, I was not too clear.