Monday, January 4, 2010

Nothing Tonight

Note: Originally posted on June 26, 2009

I did not have any type of affection from Mistress V today. She talked to me nicely, asked me to pick a kid from school, which I did. Asked me to put the garbage and recycling out, which I did, asked me to take care of my daughter while she went to swimming lessons with the older kids, which I did.

She was too busy and did not even talk to me at night. I was busy too, and now she's asleep and I want her and can't have her.

One of my fears about giving her the reins of my sex life is that I will not get any sex at all.

I may be exagerating, I don't know, but she has very little need for sex and her desire seems more an attempt to please me than anything else, so I'm afraid that if I gave her the key to my sexuality, she would lock it and place the key in a place so secure that no one would ever find it.

She stayed awake until midnight, when I finished what I was doing and then told me that she was cold because the thick blanket was in the dryer. Without waiting to be asked, I went for it and noticed that the other one was wet, so I took one and placed the other one in the drier. When I came back, V asked me if I had put the wet blanket in the Dryer. I said yes and covered her with the dry blanket. She said thank you and went to sleep.

No sex, no teasing, not even kissing or domination. Just a man trying to please his wife. I wonder how this will turn out.

V's boy

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