Saturday, February 13, 2010

A test? (part 2)

The day was long without V.

The results from the test are two-fold. First is what I managed to achieve, out of the things V had requested and second, V's reaction to what I did or left undone.

I was supposed to do the following:

1) Clean the Kitchen
2) Feed the girls
3) Give medicine at the proper times to the girl who is sick
4) Fold the laundry

At the time when the medicine was due, I found the girls were still asleep, so I waited until they woke up, but as soon as they did, I gave them breakfast and medicine. They chose cereal for breakfast, so nothing hard there.

I did all the dishes, scrubbed the Teflon off a pan I didn't know it had Teflon, dried and stored everything, cleaned the table and scrubbed the floor. With the exception of ruining the Teflon pan, I think I did a good job.

I made lunch and dinner as well.

The laundry was another story altogether. I didn't know just how much it was, but it was like an entire week of clothes to sort, fold and hang. It was by far the hardest job, and I didn't manage to finish it, with all the interruptions, like cooking and stuff...

V came back home very tired and with a stomach ache, so I gave her medicine and a cup of water. She was very grateful for all the things I did, even smiling when she saw the used-to-be-Teflon pan and saying that "it had never been so clean" (she's a good sport)

As for the laundry, she told me that she didn't expect that I was even going to do it, because it was so much that she had been avoiding it all week herself.

When she arrived, she asked me how my day was and I told her that it had been good because I had spent it doing things for her. She asked me if I had done anything for ME and I said that I had, which is true, because I had taken a nap and had spent some time playing a video game, but most the day was spent in her service.

At the end of the day, I am grateful for a day when V told me how I could please her and even though I didn't do as much as I had hoped, I did more than she expected. I feel happy that I spent the day serving her and my love for her grows more and more.

In the morning, she told me that she had not dared to hope that anything would be done because people "always forget" to do as she asks. I told her that I was trying to improve on that and she said that I was improving.

Then she said: "Bite my neck" and things went wild from there.


  1. Sounded like a very productive day, in more ways than one. Anyone who pretends this is easy is either lying or very lucky, for now you have appeared to have chosen the more indirect route to a WLM, one that I also chose. I think that as long as you feel that things are progressing satisfactorily then this isn't necessarily a bad route to take, but it can be a very long route, extremely hard work, and at times unrewarding, but if you get where you want to be in the end, it will be worth it.

  2. Glad you had a good day. Seems to me that when she asked if you did anything for yourself you could have honestly answered, yes, "doing things for you or serving you, etc gives me great pleasure.

    then bite her neck and work you way...down :)!!

  3. I realized that I was only getting frustrated more and more by my inability to bring myself to open up to my wife.

    Deciding to take the longer route freed me of the stress of having to figure out how to "come out" and has helped me focus more on pleasing V. It has also given me a little of a better notion of how not ready she was to accept my full submission. Of course, I thought she would gladly accept my 'gift' but I had never set a solid base of encouraging her dominance and my sudden actions might have been disastrous.

    Now I feel like I'm on the right route, even though it may take longer, because I'm seeing some encouraging responses from her. Of course I'd like more, but I have to be patient and remember that even though I've had years to think of my submissive feelings, V is a newcomer to her role as dominant.

    As far as the answer that I gave her when she asked me if I had done anything for myself, I did try what whatevershesays says. (I had to go back and reread this last phrase)

    I think what I told her was that she had given me a specific way I could please her and that had made me happy because I knew she'd be pleased. She insisted in knowing if I had rested, or relaxed or somehow "enjoyed" my weekend. I don't think she's all the way there yet in understanding that her pleasure is my pleasure, but we're going in the right direction.

    today she made me listen to some music that I normally don't listen to and she said I had to do it because she 'said so'.

    I smiled and told her that of course I'd do it, because her energy was exciting to me. THen, while I was laying in bed, listening to her music, she came and lowered the zipper of her jeans in a bit of a sensual dance.

    When I smiled again, she said that she just had to go to the bathroom and that was her "going to the bathroom dance", and also her "I'm going to tease you" dance. Then she told me I was not "getting any" because she was busy and she left.

    Back in the day, before I recognized my submissive feelings, that would have upset me and I'd had probably tried to force her to have sex with me, but now, I just told her that she was beautiful and that she could tease me all day if she wanted because I loved it when she did.

    Later, when we were having dinner, she hugged me and told me that I was "so sweet" and that she loves me.

    Yes, the road may be long, but contrary to before, now it's pointing in the right direction.

    Oh, and about going down... She doesn't like it. She never lets me do it, although I've made it clear that I am not only willing, but eager to please her that way. I think I'll just have to let her be the one to decide whether she likes that type of attention or not.

  4. I think that you are right to follow this route, some women may not be ready for a full on confession, much better to let her get used to your submission in ways and overtime that she feels comfortable with. As I have said this may lead to many frustrations for you, but I think you stand a much better chance of achieving a long term sucessful WLM if your wife enjoys and encourages your submission. The only way that she is going to do that is if she enjoys the type of attention that you want to give her. Firstly you need to work out together what that type of attention is, and then she needs to recognise and acknowledge her position of power, before she moves on to use it in ways that satisfy both your needs