Tuesday, December 18, 2012

UPDATE: Weight Loss Milestone

This week has not brought anything good to our relationship. Miss V has been stressed out with her work and I have not been too helpful, so I have not been helping much. I do Have a bit of good news, though.

After all this time, and the intensity of the feelings (both positive and negative) that our orgasm denial have brought, I just realized that I have forgotten to say anything on this blog about my weight loss, which was my initial purpose (excuse) behind instituting the practice of orgasm control to begin with.

Well, unless you want to go back and read the whole thing, here is a condensed version:

  1. I had become overweight to a point where it was becoming unhealthy. My blood pressure was becoming a little high, and my knees and ankles were hurting. Interestingly, even though those things could lead to serious problems, what got me to react was when Miss V told me that I was too heavy to make love to her.
  2. I asked Miss V to deny me orgasms every time I didn't work out. She agreed, suggesting that she knew it would be helpful.
  3. After changing some rules here and there, I started to have some success, and had lost some weight when I got injured (actually, an old injury flared up) and had to take a period of a few weeks of rest. I gained all the weight back minus two pounds.
  4. More changes to the rules ensued, although Miss V never suggested to stop playing, and I began to have more consistent progress, up until now.
So, here is the update: Last week I reached 20 pounds of weight loss, so even though I have not been mentioning it in the blog, the weight loss has been steady. This loss happened between the end of July, when I started working out again after my injury, and now (December).

Working out consistently has been more effective that working out hard. Since I can't really work out that hard, because my old spinal injury prevents it (this happens when you are young and drive like you are immortal) I can only either increase the workout duration or frequency. After the injury this summer, I could not work out too long, and had to reduce the duration from 30 to 20 minutes, but doing it every day has helped quite a bit.

So, there you have it.

20 pounds of weight loss on the one hand, and a lot of orgasm denial on the other. I call it a win-win scenario.

I only need to get out of this slump and step it up for Miss V, because I feel we are losing some of the ground we gained before.


  1. Excellent vs-boy.
    I am a weight watchers person and one thing I always remind Doms is that you are responsible for the health of your sub.

    1. Thanks! I didn't see your comment because I've not been alone with my computer for the past couple of weeks, but I'm happy to say that the Holidays are over and I didn't gain a pound, so I still stand at teh 20-pound mark. Now that the season is over, I guess I'll begin to lose weight slowly again.